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Crouching hooded gods of word and number

"It's you who lets me live in the major key."
- Patrick Wolf


Saw this nasty little thing in oxfam the other day:

Now, I'm not expert in either field (Funk Science nor Divanity), but I reckon any such study which begins with Dido's "Here With Me" and Sophie Ellis Bextor's [anything] hasn't put the right level of scholarship in. Though the ground is oft obscured by casuistry.

Let's formulate a First Envogueosophy, shall we?

1. A diva. Sorry, sorry: the diva.

2. Funky and yet ~Diva.

3. P&Q --> Blige.


Found a dirty pigeonhole for the general slant of my epistemology in prior posts - "transcendentalism".


A rolling limit on it all, wide as world,
effortless Shiva-Brahma, Now.

entire anew
entire anew everything
instantly entirely

times …