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Blonde Analytic

Begriff: Blonde women
Abteilung: Sociology
Aufgabe: Get negative about Gaze
Methode: Feminist dialectic

Ana: Why are blonde women (supposed to be) more attractive?

Phora: Because the norms say so.

Ana: Yes, but that's a structural reply; I want a proper one.

Phora: Well...because they're caricatured as stupid.

Ana: So?

Phora: From there, Blondeness is taken as signifying a controllable person, which is ideal under a nasty reading of the world and sex's power relations.

Ana: There's also the question of purity: it's only recently (post-WWII) that blonde characters were ever used as villains. This isn't to draw any Aryan crap out of the thing, it's probably just the halo effect - angelic and innocent; hair of gold.

Phora: There's maybe even an element of supply and demand to it, since non-European countries fetishize them even more.

Ana: All this shit is about ideals. The mistake is to think that feminine "ideals" are especially good ones (feminine =/= womanly). All you can really say is that they're better than masculine ones.