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INTERVIEW: James Reid, mathematical physicist, weightlifter, Doric enthusiast

I' foon laid for doot.
Thocht and scrievit – bit nae mind'nt?
Gye near. Ebsent freens.
- James Reid    Foundation of doubt.
    I thought and wrote - but I forgot?
    So close. Absent friends.

Glymur dansur í høll,
Dans sláið ring,
Glaðir ríða Skotskur menn,
til Waterloo Gym!
- his joke about the Faroesesaga Ormurin Langi    Dance resounds in the halls,
    dance! form a ring!
    Brave Scots, ride
    to Waterloo Gym!

James Reid is a mathematician earning his Master's at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics at Waterloo, Canada, one of 28 in the select pilot class. He's very probably the only twistor theorist to belong to Moray. You should imagine the following at high speed in a Buckie accent, punctuated with chortles and grins. (To be frank, he's an advert for the human race.)

Q: Roughly how long would it take for you to explain to a lay crowd what part of the world your physics work deals with?
JR: Not as long as you might imagine! Although I'm really more of…