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new start miscellany

'Adrift' (c) Andrew Wyeth (1982)

Talk is cheap; that's what's good about it.


A friend recently told me he'snever going to work in the private sector. Interesting thing to say - he's not so political, and was never before so programmatic. Apparently it's the temp-contract, high-pressure ugly bullshit of it that motivates his boycott more than the world-historical extractive-destructive part. There is a strong argument against such chastity, but I didn't press it too strongly, this time.


Why in general is it harder to do things well than badly?

h₀: Because we define 'well' and 'badly' by how hard things are. Or, time-intensive at least. (Boo! Constructivist cop-out boo!)h1: Because good things tend to occupy lower-entropy states and, by the second law, so require more Work to create and maintain.h2: Because we are tuned fo…