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Without some vulgarity there is no complete man. - Raymond Chandler

He has a semblance of vast experience, or wisdom. Tacit uncanny models, unseen and unfelt states or events. He knows what you are made to pretend at knowing (blazered kids cracking jokes about crack). I always suspected him of having written a long novel, or some other quiet greatness. Maybe seventy portraits of the same thing. The only way.

So Babes In Toyland drink with Dowland. Thou upskiller, a J Dillazilla,
a local authority and a name. a spiral shorthand.
The postmodern did have something to offer
though it took its time in signing this up.

ALBUM REVIEW: "Here's The Tender Coming" - The Unthanks

"My father has been dead about a year; my mother is living and has ten children, five lads and five lasses; the oldest is about 30, the youngest is four...mother does nought but look after home...I go to pit at 5 o'clock in the morning...I do not stop or rest any time for the purpose...the bald place upon my head is made by thrusting the corves...the boys take liberties with me sometimes, they pull me about; I am the only girl in the pit...all the men are naked..."
- “Patience Kershaw”,
quoted in the "First Report of the Commission On the Employment of Children" (1842)

"This girl is an ignorant, filthy, ragged, and deplorable-looking object, and such an one as the uncivilized natives of the prairies would be shocked to look upon."
- Lord Ashley, philanthropist.

DISCLAIMER: This album is one of the more lovely things I've ever appraised. The Unthanks pull off well-worn melodies and unsurprising cadences and make them compelling, where they could easi…

INTERVIEW: Chuck Ragan

Official version here.
Hello Mr Ragan; Hi [Interviewer];
Q1: The most common epithet I see thrown at your solo albums is "stripped-down." I get the feeling this comes from comparison to Hot Water Music's assaults, since there's loads of really impressive arrangements - "The Grove" and "Done and Done" spring to mind - and lots of anthems in all of your recent work.

Thank you. Alot of folks do say stripped down and that's most likley contributed to either the way this music was presented at first or the fact that most of the time that I'm playing live it's certainly stripped down and back to basics. To me if I have an idea or a shot to get some of my ridiculously talented friends on a track, I go for it. Especially if the songs feels like that's what it needs.

Q2: Is there an intentional aesthetic across your work? What is it about a Chuck Ragan song, whether hardcore or folk/country, that makes it a Chuck Ragan song?
To me my songs or …



no pedestals for anyone -

I am a neolithic man!
and my science is well put.

I hear in every language
a universal echo!

as universal as you
get with humans, anyway.

Marx of myth,
I ran rings round menhir and potter's ground.

You'll note patterns in
your very bones if you only

drop some airs.


Ascendent through light pollution.

Canopy of youth snug in subzero.
River runneth rare: brook the world's
bright drunk snowmelt
intermixing and tributary.
Tropic o' th' North,
a manifest quality found there.
Movement in the undergrowth.

Descend by skyhook and bitten tongue.


Thought ourselves clever,
etched worth on our skin
by idea alone.

There are these
very sparkling minds,
devoted to inglory.

They are the
weight of grain in diamonds
amongst worse things.

Their Work
- Unearned if good,
Unsurprising if not -

takes regular tolls;
a taxing ignorance paid in irritation.
And the fruits of the work are int…