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no pedestals for anyone -

I am a neolithic man!
and my science is well put.

I hear in every language
a universal echo!

as universal as you
get with humans, anyway.

Marx of myth,
I ran rings round menhir and potter's ground.

You'll note patterns in
your very bones if you only

drop some airs.


Ascendent through light pollution.

Canopy of youth snug in subzero.
River runneth rare: brook the world's
bright drunk snowmelt
intermixing and tributary.
Tropic o' th' North,
a manifest quality found there.
Movement in the undergrowth.

Descend by skyhook and bitten tongue.


Thought ourselves clever,
etched worth on our skin
by idea alone.

There are these
very sparkling minds,
devoted to inglory.

They are the
weight of grain in diamonds
amongst worse things.

Their Work
- Unearned if good,
Unsurprising if not -

takes regular tolls;
a taxing ignorance paid in irritation.
And the fruits of the work are interdicted.


In any case there's
gottabe one answer, one
spiel to spike them all!

If I'd been thinking
I'd've asked Body,
who is too simple to deceive.

She has air-raid sirens in her every nook;
you're invader no more
(Did the payloads expire?)

Consider Pyrrho, the mad dog
in love with everything
he seemed to see.


I cannot reveal myself; I'm not there.
But I'll get in the gaps, e.g. between
creditor's knock and bailiff's ram:

I'm aiming for truth, you see,
A town twinned with Insane, Ohio.

What is it you rail with, right over the Reichenbachs?


By grace of angst,
For the love of ill,
throw away happiness when it comes,
get in the way of yourself;
and heartily recommend hatred;
dramatize, nostalgize;
expect too much
while disparaging hope in others;
unmake, criticize
those who bed down in
rationalised serenity;
appear eager in your reserve;
progressive while defensive;
lie whenever feasible
- it'll slow everyone up nicely;
when with others, think
always how to utilise them;
objectify all things; love
only what you are certain
cannot reciprocate or benefit
from your attention.

these are seeds of good life, my child;
wheedle, snipe and smile.


I cannot intellectually justify any course of action. - the actual Skeptic


That is not absolute universal ultimate truth
that's a pineapple, a trolley-car, the now-king of France,
your project.

We had lifeboats synthetic, but
you speared the one you stood in; ours took
your example.

The tides of doubt, the enormity,
the enormity and
your terror.

you claimed living a nebula of perhaps
that none of us sees is a drowning question.
your courtesy.

why doubt? because you don't want to
know, I can't know; because none of it might matter.
your great slight.

Maybe you can bend light; perhaps
you're a figment. But something does lurk there.
I know you like one knows of pain.

and the sun'll come up, after all. it always does.