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ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Reflux's Summer Mix 2010.3

music is so bloody beautiful,
more than any other form of art; it connects souls,
instantaneously. when someone sings to you, right,
you understand everything about them;
you're best friends for a minute.
it throws into relief the inherent beauty in the world around you that you'd've overlooked.

people put music in the most important parts of their lives
- their weddings, funerals, intercourses. even suicides are set to music
(it's not that music soundtracks these; it's us making the music video for them).
it's played in lifts and shopping centres because it makes the people there feel better.

it is a current that runs under society.
doesnt it say something about humans that 99% of our songs are about love (or lack thereof)?

it's the only thing in the world other than a person that can wrap itself around you.

A: "The street people agree"

1. [something noodly and raw] - genus: Tim Kinsella
2. Gig Intro - Hot Club
3. Bonded By Blood - Hot Club
4. I Wrot…

ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Reflux's Summer Mix 2010.2

In other good news, heard some people calling the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a riot grrrl band.

Side A: 'Prepare To Lose Your Dignity'

(envoi, 'Act 1: Clarksonomics')

1. Call Me Mr Demolition Man - Hot Club de Paris
[Radio 1 skit]
2. My Eyes Adored You - [eek. lowkey soul...Betty Everett?]
3. Movies Of Myself - Rufus W
4. I Love You Like A Madman - Wave Pictures
5. [cut to] Boss Hoss - Sonics
6. [cut to] Breaking Up - Ronettes
7. [Why Don't You Leave Me Alone? - some pop-grrl...Raincoats backed by Ian Dury?]
-->[20secs of some exemplar 60s popchorus]

Act 2: Dachshund

8. Beeper - The Count & Sinden
9. - [some really smart 8bitsy electrons]
10. Un bel di vedremo - Puccini & Callas
11. Do Your Thing - Basement Jaxx
12. Hellebore - Safetyword
13. A Clean Break - Talking Heads

Act 1 plays very nicely into what's become my comfort zone of late [souly/guitary/lyrically reflective], dunno about yours.

Callas really i…

Things You Can't Do In China

(Including now, if even you could before, "read this blog.")


Cross the The Great Firewall: Their infamous, systematic internet censorship, usually wrapped in moral rhetoric. So, no more living on Facebook, Twitter, myspace, youtube or blogspot...the Iron Curtain 2.0. source, source, source, them admitting it.
It's a real sophisticated project, though, by no means just a process of strong-armingsearch engines, controlling the router infrastructure, and forcing through crap filter software. (Which is so effective that official Communist Party propaganda sometimes gets blocked.) Scopes text messages sent on China Mobile, too...

"The joke was censored on China Mobile most likely because it mentions Hu Jintao, which they have probably entered as a keyword for blocking. That implies an assumption by China Mobile that any Chinese person who mentions their president on mobile SMS is likely to have bad things to say..."

One smart conspiracy…

ALBUM REVIEW: Kid Reflux's Summer Mix 2010.1

A series of honorary every day i wake up, out of the darkness, into the light posts about some tapes what I got. If they had an order they don't now. No tracklists either, so what follows is more work than it looks. Audio to follow.

I know fine the joy of seeping into my music collection with someone else's ear in mind; when I'm mixtaping is probably when I love music most. But, Item: none of youse tell his mam that this is (some of) what he was getting up to in that 'Revision' month, alright?

A - 'Just Barely Enough To Believe In '

1. [some plainsong]
2. [cuts to] [More plainsong]
3. [cut] Crumb by Crumb - Rufus Wainwright
4. [violent cut] You Got The Love - Source (Candi Staton)
5. [cut] Can't Seem To Make You Mine - Ramones
--> 2s of "Teenage Kicks -->
6. [The Fandango Boys mocking the Bee Gees?]
7. [some light-stepping grime, 10s] 8. [this is classic, but I can't name it] - Benga?
--> 5s of techno-y rnb - Kanye? -->
9. Neon L…


"your not a man if you dont agree with this"
- an idiot

Manlypoints are my way of pissing about with masculine ideals by 'analysing' action films. (Well, that's the post hoc of it, anyway.) The norms listed below are as cartoonish and unreal as the films are; I'm really not aiming for sociology. It is a science of testicles, bullets and beer.

That said: what more prevalent and glamorous source of roles is there, than pop culture? Whence values?


Rugged Individualism: Take the protagonist of a film.

Shallowness: For the first c.5min scene, give the character a score out of 25 for their appearance, demeanour, voice etc. and another out of 25 for what they're doing in it.

Competition: Note and score the instances where they "are manly" (fulfill a normative masculine role) Points awarded scale to degree of manly Thing, but remember that numbers are fundamentally arbitrary.

Of A Hierarchical Bent: Tot up, give summarizing bonus, carp like a seal.




(to the tune of Against Me's "Baby I'm An Anarchist")

Through the best of times,
Through the worst of times,
Idealism's nasty death
Dyou remember '36?
We went our separate ways
You fought for Trotsky,
I for Azana.
You live in utopia,
I'm in Buckie.
You're a molotov splashing all eight passersby.

Baby, these whole irate look in our eyes -
What I'm trying to say is that:
You burn down buildings
While I'm trying to save some inside of them.
You hate the cops
For their fascist necessity.
You call it class war,
I call it neo-Kantian demands.

'Cause baby, you're an anarchist,
And I'm a spineless liberal.
We marched together for the eight-hour day
matched wits in a downtown vegan bar,
But when it came time to throw bricks
Through the corporate frontend,
You threw them all alone.
(Righteously lone)

I watched in awe at this thing that we built
Growing more and more ok.
While the statute was improving,
You screamed …

booty recalled

two drag a chest.
inside, treasure rotting.
each prickles within rights.
wonders if the other peeks.
wonders if they know they do.
neither escapes. one doesn't want to.
they bear it. they've counted thirty paces.
dig new at two Xs.

Says Who?

© 2009 Loretta Lux

Good metaphor:
"Her face lost a layer of worry"

Leads to (with increasing degrees of Worry, and decreasing degrees of Doubt):
Astro: I may not exist.

Exosphere: It is conceivable that all of my beliefs are falsely directed.

Thermosphere:What if David Icke was right?

Mesosphere: What if David Irving was right?

Stratosphere: What if Mohammed was right?

Troposphere: What if Nietzsche was right?

Aerosphere: Neofascism. Nukes. Climate chaos. Late-capitalist consensus. Polarization of wealth, elites, faith.

Thin air: I am fat and decaying.

1 bar: Eventually, I will give in to my ideological circumstances.(Want what the world wants me to want.)

Crust:Eventually, I am going to die.

Mantle: Eventually, I am going to be found out.

Core: Eventually, I will vote Conservative.


"they're treating us like animals; let's shit on their floor!"


Dragged on an Outing

Have you ever really thought about Nirvana?
Well, no. Why would you have to? They're so overexposed they've become cultural white noise. It's far from easy for anyone born in the late C20th to delimn them, to separate them out from the whole.
Some questions in philosophy get called "truth-inapt" (that is, without a determinate reply, because the answer to them is not really a 'proposition'). The question of whether you like Nirvana is like this. You certainly can like them - and, boy, we seem to - but what good does it do you?

Notes from "Unplugged In New York" anyway:
- Cobain is actually a country singer. No, really - sure he's a mutant one, but the indelible praise sticks. Where Country's purpose is to glorify and dramatize the ordinary (and actively absurd) facets of Midwest America's experience, Nirvana demonize and delve under it instead. Often into things which are, too, ordinary, but unspoken, unspeakable. Another instance …