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Good God (Religiose Pop)

Religion and rock music are essentially diametric, even though one developed from the other; most religions presume to work towards perfection; rock music is about embracing imperfection."
- Jocelyn Hoppa

That said...

1. Baba Yetu - Christopher Tin
(the impossible gladness of Grace)

2. Into My Arms - Nick Cave
(god-fearing as seduction)

3. I'm On My Way To A Better Place - Chairmen Of The Board

4. Look Up - Chris Bell
(awe is not awesome)

5. Word On A Wing - David Bowie
(the purity of having a really shit time)

6. You In The Sky - Waterboys

7. Happy Guy - NOFX
(tolerance, even condescending tolerance, is the only way you're getting out alive)

8. God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash
(it was once about wroth and grinding bones. Traces...)

9. "I Bid You Goodnight" - Byrne or Plant or...
(the equanimous end)

11. They Hung Him On A Cross - Leadbelly

12. I Luv I Jah - Bad Brains
(The Lord is an acceptable motivation [if you're not white])

13. I Will Follow You - Death Cab
(lame atheists)

14. Shine On Sweet Jesus - Flaming Lips

15. Jesus - Glen Campbell (or Velvet Underground)

16. After Forever - Sabbath

17. All Things Must Pass - George Harrison
(Scouse Taoism)

18. I Fought Piranhas - White Stripes
(The Passion)

19. Laughing With - Regina Spektor
(Utility of belief; foxholes and dignity)

20. Every Grain Of Sand - Bob Dylan
(on immanence)

Obviously, every-other classical piece written before 1900 is its own impossible playlist, too.