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Songs To and From Beijing

1. Sure Shot - Beastie Boys
"Because you can't and you won't and you don't STOP"

2. The Capital - Auden
"In unlighted streets you hide away the appalling..."

3. Legal Man - Belle & Sebastian
"Get out of the city...and into the sunshine"

4. Hunter Gets Captured By the Game - Marvelettes
"Everyday things change / And the world puts on a new face
Certain things rearrange / And this world seems like a new place

5. VI. A Major Port - Auden
"Only the brass-bands throbbing in the parks foretell /
Some future reign of happiness and peace. /
We learn to pity and rebel."

6. New Wave - Against Me!
"We can control the medium / We can control the context of presentation"

7. The Dream Is Dead - Type O Negative
"I can't believe things turned out this way, and though I hate to see you go..."

8. Sonnets From China II - Auden
"They wondered why the fruit had been forbidden: /
It taught them nothing new. They hid their pride, /
But did not listen much when they were chidden:
They knew exactly what to do outside.

9. Breathe Out - Reptile and Retard
"The surface seems so anxious to be broken, as if pleading for my feet to kick it in"

10. If the News Makes You Sad, Don't Watch It - Broken Records
"The politicians, they don't speak for me..."

11. Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson
"Cause if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going wrong around here"

12. Sonnets From China, VI
"At last She beckoned to him, he obeyed, //
Looked in Her eyes: awe-struck but unafraid, /
Saw there reflected every human weakness, /
And knew himself as one of many men.

13. Illumination - Gogol Bordello
"OF COURSE there is no Us and Them, but Them they do not think the same"

14. Sonnets From China, XII
"There is a plan / For living men in terror of their lives,
Who thirst at nine who were to thirst at noon,
Who can be lost and are, who miss their wives
And, unlike an idea, can die too soon.

15. Occident - Joanna Newsom
"To leave your home and your family for some distortion of property;
Well, darling, I can't go. But you may stay here with me

16. To Build A Home - Cinematic Orchestra
"Tables and chairs worn by all of the's time to leave, turn to dust."


1. Revolution in Jingshan Park (2010) - a hundred old folk
2. I'll Be Waiting - The Lotus
4. Mad Train - ZiGZaG
5. Yangpu Qu - Pairs
6. Kill Your Belly - Hang On The Box
7. Cry For Young - Bigger Bang!
8. Beijing Is Not My Home - Demerit
9. All You Got to Doohoo - Mr Windmill
10. 47 Rockets - WHITE
11. Ass Hole I'm Not Your Baby - Hang On The Box
12. National Anthem (@ Tiananmen) - state tannoy
13. ANARCHY IN THE PRC - Brain Failure
14. No pains no gains - No.4 Man (Nature Study)
15. Oh Jim - Ourself Beside Me
16. 从头再来 (Do It All Over Again) - Cui Jian
18. Disabled busker on the subway (@ Yong'anli Zhan) - Anon
19. Yellow River Concerto - comp. Xian Xinghai, arr. Communists
20. Guang Ling San - Minzu Yinyue
21. Good Morning, Midnight! - Emily Dickinson

You really ought to give this a go, too. On lesbianism in China.

Fuck it, here's the whole first Hang on the Box album. It's not riot grrrl (no matter what anyone says), but neither is it Shonen Knife.