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maybe partying will help

Avatar (2010)

We think that fun is radical and revolutionary fun actually was becoming quite subversive fun was very important it was a direct rebuttal of the kind of ethics and morals that were being put forth in the country to keep people working in a rat race. bakhtin saw the carnival as a popular expression of subversion a “world turned inside out” in which people could make fun of the systems the system of power that structured their everyday existence maan

Matrix 2 (2004)

"To dance is to rebel."

the performance principle denies people’s desire for “mindless pleasures”—sexual, playful, and nonproductive (or nonreproductive)—in order to promote labor that becomes ever more alienated from its products

The role of the father is taken by “the Man” who “has a branch office in each of our brains”

Fuck the rich! Fuck the cops! Everyone to the streets on Saturday November 20! We will party in Parliament Square and if the cops try and stop us with their usual violence - WE WILL FUCKING DEFEND OURSELVES! Unite against the bastards-whatever you call yourselves-student, worker, poor, Muslim, anarchist, socialist, communist, human-these fucking scum are destroying us and our planet-FUCK THEM!

equal enjoyment alone entitles you to equal enjoyment. Enjoy, then you are entitled to enjoyment. But, if you have laboured and let the enjoyment be taken from you, then – ‘it serves you right.’ If you take the enjoyment, it is your right; if, on the contrary, you only pine for it without laying hands on it, it remains as before, a, ‘well-earned right’ of those who are privileged for enjoyment. It is their right, as by laying hands on it would become your right.

Body smells are unique. Everyone has her own body smell. Capitalists don't like individuality. There are millions of body smells but only a few deodorant smells. Capitalists like that.

pornographic stimuli threaten to override not only rules about the place of sex in polite society but also conventional political resistance to taking pleasure in others’ exploitation or in being exploited Eros overflows the boundaries set for it by the productivity principle and threatens to divert the desire to dominate or submit from the work world back to the sexual body


advocating ostentatious libertinism as a political duty

The Young Hegelians known as Die Freien; Herbert Marcuse; and these days Crimeth!nc; Adbusters; can either fuck off or grow up

"As I look over this beautiful land,
I can't help but realize that I am alone.
Why am I able to waste my energy
To notice life being so beautiful?
What of the people who don't have what I ain't got?
Are they victims of my leisure?
To fail is to be a victim,
To be a victim of my choice. Huh.
Maybe partying will help."