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conceptual chemistry

We are stories chemistry tells to her children. We tell stories, and live in them. Live only within them. We are built of stories, mostly ancient citations - "the Man", "the Scholar", "the White", "the Fool", "the Scotsman"...

Physically too. We're a chain of chemical events with a plot taken from a folk literary tradition. (It never needed a narrator.)


"For fuck's sake would you just love life? (though there's massive suffering everywhere at all times)(and though science has looked up your skirts and down your soul)(and though the spiritualists and Platonists are seductive and comforting with the high dry webs they spin.)"
- after Nietzsche

I've been in need of an intellectual kick up the arse for a wee while now. Handily there's a Nietzsche course running, and I just got a copy of the Deirdre McCloskey anthology Measurement and Meaning. (Read page xv! Ziliak's academic compering is utterly mad by any field's standards, but economics?).

The kicker: How much truth can you stand?


"One day I was in the Aberdeen Union reading Isaac Asimov. wondering why so many people were going out on a Thursday. Then I realized it was Valentines and I was in a pub reading science fiction by myself."
- a beautiful boy


Psych trick which probably doesn't have much accuracy (but probably enough):

P1: One's politics derive from one's view of human nature.

P2: One's view of human nature is a vague and socialized bunch of things (any enlightened view of it will realize that there's plenty of "human natures"), but... We mistake ourselves for humanity.

C: We can read into someone's politics what, at core, they think of themself.

people bent and died
so that you can be bored
young lady

The grieving think in circles. Some (the old, I am told) think in a circle of radius 0 and die of it. Otherwise the circle gradually expands, you act and you emote without necessarily encountering the corroded part of the ring. At least not all the time. Love is not the kind of thing you divest easily. I don't know what kind of solvent would do.

Still, even thinking in circles, revolving limply, you yet might find yourself a split-ring; an opening; a vacancy. We are our pasts, but christ! not only our pasts.