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LEAFLET REVIEW: BNP, Scottish Election 2011

"Fed up with useless politicians?"
- yes, so go away

My mate notes that this "looks like it was knocked up in the loft". Now, people like our trusty Labour Club can afford this loft aesthetic cos we know they're (mostly) not fools and gangsters.

But pathetic ideological lying is only allowed when you're in power, fellas.

DUBIOUS CLAIM#1: (Fourth line in) "Just 1 vote in 15 elect your BNP Member of the Scottish Parliament."

Meaningless, I think. Are they claiming that Aberdeen Donside is unsafe enough a seat that 7% of the vote will get them in? Or, that if BNP voters were spread evenly across Scotland, first-past-the-post would explode from sustained Far-right latency? Or, what?

DUBIOUS CLAIM #2: "SNP want More [immigrants]"

Actually I can't find much at all in the SNP manifesto or anywhere on their site about it. (No "immigration", "immigrant", "minorities", "asylum", "minority", "multiculturalism" nor even "influx of inferior races".) Their completely ignoring minorities is nasty, but rather less nasty than some people who take a keen interest.

Oh wait, here we go:

"Scotland has very different population concerns from the rest of the UK and we need an immigration system that recognises these needs. Migrant workers fill an important gap in Scotland’s labour market, and this cap will leave many employers struggling to recruit."
- Pete Wishart, SNP Home Affairs

What traitorous, bleeding-heart stuff.


This seems to be referring to a Westminster law with an exciting name: The Accession 2011. At the mo, the lightly sinister "Worker Registration Scheme" regulates migrants from the latest (2004-7) EU nations, and it's dissolving on 1/5/11. It's the end of economically nonsensical segregation.

"...migrants, including EEA nationals, can generally only access income-related benefits if they have a right to reside here and are habitually resident."
- Department of Work and Pensions

So the scaremongering falls apart before it starts. Also, the BNP's claim only works if you remember to add the premise that all immigrants are work-shy. (uh huh.)

DUBIOUS CLAIM #4: "There are already more Muslims in Britain than Scottish people!"

This one might really have got them in trouble. But if we stop at pointing out that this claim is wrong by 100% (There are about 2.4 million Muslims in Britain, and 4.6 million people identifying as Scottish), we miss the worst part of it: the despicable use of "Muslim" and "Scot" as exclusive categories.

Their factual errors pale next to their value errors, but those I can't redress as quickly or cleanly.


  1. To be fair, this is one of the better made leaflets I've seen from them - if only because they've done away with photos of white, leisure-shirted nuclear families on each page.
    Certainly beats the hell of out what they were still putting about my home town last year: a cheaply photocopied A4 with "ISLAM" in scary Wordart at the top.

    No, this time they've settled for the creepy whiter-than-snow child, who's identifying features has been obscured by a warped and flimsy image of jingoism. Good job.


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