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sentimental graduate, 22, seeks desperately to instrumentalise himself

...there is an internal ethical urge that demands that each of us serve justice as much as he or she can. But beyond the immediate attention that he rightly pays hungry mouths, child soldiers, or raped civilians, there are more complex and more widespread problems: serious problems of governance, of infrastructure, of democracy, and of law and order. These problems are neither simple in themselves nor are they reducible to slogans. Such problems are both intricate and intensely local...
- Teju Cole
Specialisation is for insects.
- Heinlein's Lazarus Long

Turns out that a degree - even one limited to 'real world' topics like, supposedly, economics - isn't a skill. Isn't really much to do with much. This is galling, because I have bottled action in me and have failed to get moral hydraulics to steer it.

Is that too reductive? I might not have such a quantity of good intentions without my years among the humanities; they only suck for obtaining hard skills. And 'hy…

Perth / Dundee

hard, dark
and hardly started

crap, familiar
bus distorting our demesne

Perth? Dundee?
I should know but know you don't know

frantic, the
yellow-spot-road, and vague places past it

note: ticket
includes each other on tap

but legroom
and peace aren't included

we cargo
are silent, hummed and whined and shook from sleep

lesson: no
lesson, I just wanted you to know

she who gradually wasn't

First she lost her beepcard
(so beepdoors didn't know her)

then she lost her licence
(the road no longer hers)

next she lost her passport
(was trapped inside one border)

and she lost her phone
(and distant friends went mute)

losing then the wallet
(goods and comfort blanked her)

she went and lost her cloud
(the past, what would've come)

then she lost her throat-chords
(couldn't invoke absent things)

her breasts and other jumbles
(she was proclaimed unsexed)

and last lost all her body
(so sat godlike, and vexed)

to the bigot beat

[Trigger Warning: Everything.]

"Interviewer: What does the "Bitch Magnet" [next to] Dave Riley's name on the back cover of Atomizer mean?

Steve Albini: Bitch magnet! That just means bitch magnet. Whenever we go anywhere, Dave has all these women just follow him.

I: But are they all bitches?

A: Well, no. Bitch is just a generic term.

I: You're a feminist, eh?

A: Well, I don't believe you have to be completely dogmatic and pure in your language to think reasonably. Certainly none of the band are sexist in the traditional sexist notions, or have sexist leanings, right? But because that's understood, we don't have to keep haranguing on it, to keep reaffirming to ourselves that we believe what we believe ... A lot of people, they're very careful not to say things that might offend certain people or do anything that might be misinterpreted. But what they don't realize is that the point of all this is to change the way you live your life, not the …