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inter faeces et urinam nascimur

On entering The Academy mall, Belmont Street, Aberdeen.

stink a shite in thi shoapin sintr thi day
(place isna taen thi piss na mair)

so yis swither as yis come in: neb-struck, oocha.
cmoan! daunder through! dree the reek poshboy!

Canna staun this globalised a aesthetic, sicht o naewhere
signifyin nithin, £90 jersey an $100 smirk.

Och och noo. Abdy kens abdy shits!
I amna Grampian's Metatron. Ma synthetic Scots is

the lyk of yir synthetic lifiness
aboon fit these folk ken naethin.

Onywauy. "Among piss n shite wir born";
aw thi money comes oot that sea winna buy off that.