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Human deaths noted in Werner Herzog's filming diary 1979-1981

Fitzcarraldo is famous for being a film about a German maniac having locals drag a huge steamboat up a hill, made by a German maniac having locals drag a huge steamboat up a hill. Anthropological hearsay aside, his moral responsibility for any of the following is minimal; the region just seems to have been a very violent and chaotic place. All page refs from this.

  1. p.17 (a dead Peruvian soldier floats down the Pongo, eyes missing)
  2. p.24 (a boat of 11 drunk men is lost in the rapids)
  3. p.34 (he mourns Larisa Shepitko)
  4. p.50 (a labourer falls off the ship in Iquitos and does not surface)
  5. p.79 (remembers Kainz Ruepp, burned to death in his bed)
  6. p.105 (a child in camp vomits itself to death)
  7. p.120 (two in one day: dysentery in the morning and drowning at night)
  8. p.168 (a cot death)
  9. p.169 (recalls the ghoulish death of René Barrientos)
  10. p.183 (recalls a drowned Swiss billionaire)
  11. p.192 (two people shot by Amahuacas)
  12. p.214 (recalls a child grabbing a pylon)
  13. p.218 (find a body in the river, 'valiant swimmer')
  14. p.227 (a boiler explodes; chunks of a man hit Herzog's hut)
  15. p.261 (chuchupe bite; logger amputates his foot with a chainsaw)
  16. p.264 (Asháninkas offer to kill Kinski)
  17. p.287 (drug dealer found with his tongue cut out)

This is not to mention the animals' deaths, or his dreams about death, nor to say that all of these actually happened.