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what I said to you in 2015

I reviewed Prévert, phenomenology of computing , and the New Testament in Scots. I reviewed Taleb as an evolutionary epistemologist and angry apolitician. I translated a Tang octave. I wrote a poem about the NHS. I again reflected on the awfulness of identity via a thought experiment. I translated a Golden Age Viennese lyric. I drew equivalences between key concepts in maths, object-oriented code, and metaphysics. I learned how to code out loud. I reviewed Putnam, Waugh and a sad Australian cynic.

I reviewed an appalling academic paper I was made to read. I psychologised academics who cling to one method. I enjoyed Werner Herzog and listed casualties in his vicinity. I made an attempt to criticise our new century's zeitgeist. I pulled fragments from DFW's last nachlass.

I reviewed the very best book on late-70s / early-80s pop music. I distinguished a toolchain from a stack. I reviewed lots of things I shouldn't have been reading and learned Javascript. I quoted Huxley's surprising last book: almost an anti-Brave New World. I Markov-chained myself, made an extended engineering metaphor for human virtue, and started collecting new and/or rare words, mostly about signal processing.

I listed more new and/or rare words, highly miscellaneously. I philosophised about age. I talked about my childhood engagement with maths. I reviewed Larkin, Yudkowsky, and Pessoa. I made Evgeny Morozov and Venkatesh Rao fight. I reviewed a Chomskyan work of sci-fi. I fell in love with Pessoa. I wrote a poem about the shape of life. I wrote a tiny thing about how you suck. I braced myself for a year of working with PHP. I listed more new and/or rare words, about outer space and deep code. I shared my dodgy bash wrappers over git. I quoted an amazing travel book about kāifàng China, last of its kind.

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