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Notable words, Q2 2016

oppo (n.). "Opposition research"; the private industry that runs smear campaigns against public figures. Tabloid journalism wholly unmediated by ordinary press objectivity (yuk yuk), the 'public interest' (ho ho), or the sense of fairness typical of actual activists (YUK YUK). Oppo has already begun to creep outward from politicians to academics and protestors with unpopular views. This greatly increases the cost of overt political action; since both political tribes are arming themselves with opposition research farms, this industry can only harm absolutely every part of the public sphere. In America, oppo people have charity status and can be totally anonymously funded. Be afraid.
to spitball (v.) To brainstorm; to suggest without decision or strong support.
doomstead (n.). A house in which to die? (Had to infer; it was coined here without explanation.)
(Edit: Christian tells me it is in fact the bunker and farmland preppers each prepare for the end times.)
data exh…

Late review: Exo Crystallis (2015) by TNJX

Exo Crystallis by TNJX

What's this bright Egyptianistic Cheshtronica offering? Since you asked, I'll tell you: it is the fruit of the tree named James Lightfoot, bedroom avatar of Sun Ra and/or channeller of Nobuo Uematsu cum understudy to Darren Styles.

- one of my unfinished TNJX reviews

I once played someone my favouriteTNJX songs as we careened along a dirt track, as the sun rose over the Ngorongoro crater, as we suffered being the seventeenth and eighteenth passengers of an 8-seater bus. Aha! What a setting! Time for a concentrated dose of brightness, engineered to unchain, point over the horizon to where no-one's elbow is in your armpit, no-one smells intolerably of long travel, where rivers run thick with glowsticks, the sky with formidable but honourable challengers.

She actually recoiled. Though she's an agreeable person in many ways, she indulges a perennial vice: thinking that music is for only one thing. (In her case, that thing is eliciting traditionally p…