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notable words of all seasons

  • to curry (equestrian v.): to groom, firmly brush all over. (Don't freak out if someone tells you they're off to curry a horse.) See also "to decompose into univariate functions" and "shout at". People really like this word.

  • GLEE (adj.): "Gay, Lesbian, and Everyone Else". I like this; the current bien-pensant name has grown to "LGBTQIA"; not pronounceable, nor even anagrammable. But GLEE probably can't catch on, since people will see abstraction as erasure, and also won't like it tacitly including majority people.

  • septentrional (poncey adj.): Northern. Used in the clumsy retroactive Latin for the US, "Civitatibus Foederatis Americae septentrionalis".

  • boodles (adj.): Butternut squash noodles.

  • avi (n.): Profile picture ("avatar"). Annoying; optimised for tweeting, not speaking.

  • OC (adj.): Original character; in fanfiction, a new protagonist added to the existing cast. Pejorative?

  • procursive (adj.): forward-running. Used of a bizarre type of epilepsy which forces the sufferer to bolt.

  • forwent (v.): past participle of foregone. Ew.

  • to withgo (v.): to forgo. Confusing old Anglisc.

  • Cliché verre (adj.): "glass print": a drawing copied photographically.

  • del-con (Oz n): delusional conservative. Refers specifically to someone with irrational antipathy towards Turnbull and his Liberals.

  • missing mood (n.): Ideologically induced pitiliness. A telltale of a view being dodgy: if the viewholder has no pity for the victims of the view. Bryan Caplan's heuristic for evaluating a viewpoint ("You can learn a lot by comparing the mood reasonable proponents would hold to the mood actual proponents do hold.")

  • alien baptism (Christian n.): A baptism said to have been done wrong, i.e. in a manner "alien to God". The Google results for the term are now swamped by Francis saying he'd bring extra-terrestrials into the Catholic Church if they showed up it's all good stuff don't you know.

  • Kelleyite (Christian n.): A sect of Arkansas Baptists. Do open communion and accept non-Kelleyite alien baptisms as valid.

  • tolerationist (n.): Religious person who believes that differing views should not be persecuted. Tolerationism was a reformation within 'the' Reformation, beginning around 1650, but still not fully done.

  • andragogy (n.): Adult education. "Man leading".