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notnot notable words

pshrink (n.): an odd version of shrink, psychiatrist, with a silent p. Possibly a shibboleth used by anti-psychiatry people. Used in both Tom Clancy and Asimov!
gynotician (n.): gyno-politician. .
IOW (prepositional modifier.): in other words.
mantissa (n.): the fractional part of a floating point number. see also significand.
ablative analysis (n.): machine learning model evaluation by gradual deconstruction. "Remove components from your system one at a time, to see how it breaks."
meet cute (n.): an unusual and romantic first encounter (between the protagonist of a romcom).
online judge (n.): an online programming competition. In competitive job markets like India they seem to be gaining serious economic weight. The practice is applicable to code in particular, since it is effortlessly remote, objectively scrutable...
Spad (n.): a Special Advisor (to a minister of the UK government ).
Growing programs from data (v.): twee name for machine learning in Domingos (2012), an incredibl…

Done in January 2017

Awesome New Year's day with dears. Pride: 1 Saw all my family and other family-like peeps. Pride: 2 Made my first public predictions. Pride: 3. Made a fancy LaTeX CV. Pride: 3 Started a fancy new self-hosted blog. Pride: 3 Got into a cheap but excellent diet: power smoothies and Peter Specials. Pride: 1 Got a promotion. Pride: 4 Wrote about political controversy. Pride: 3 Wrote about cultural anthropology (again). Pride: 2 Wrote about the noun "intellectual". Pride: 2 Wrote a link archiving script. Pride: 2 Started going to pub quizzes with my darlings. Pride: 1 Read Chaos at last. Pride: 1 Read Age of Em. Pride: 2 Maths assignment #4: physical modelling, harmonic motion, normal modes and eigenvectors. Pride: 2 Presented DBSCAN and backpropagation to C-levels. Pride: 2 Helped my mate look for jobs. Pride: 1 Planned a lot, recorded a lot, e.g. this. Pride: 2 Rewrote my quotations extensively. Pride: 2. Long-distance relationship with Pesukaru continues very wel…

is Yitang Zhang an intellectual?

Yitang Zhang in conversation
An intellectual is a person who engages in critical thinking... about the reality of society, and proposes solutions for the normative problems of society, and thus gains authority as a public intellectual. Coming from the world of culture... the intellectual participates in politics, either to defend a concrete proposition or to denounce an injustice, usually by producing or by extending an ideology... - wiki
Yitang Zhang achieved great progress on one of the outstanding problems in number theory, the twin primes conjecture. But he doesn't hype his work, hasn't set himself up as a celebrity, and I imagine it is impossible to get a political statement out of him.

Remarkably, our primary usage of the noun "intellectual" wouldn't include Zhang. It is something like:

intellectual: A brainy outspoken celeb. A famous person who broadcasts their opinions on serious social matters. (Particularly if they're involved in the public speaki…

doing a bit

"Yeah, the wedding was last week."
"Oh! Congratulations."
"Job's just begun."

"If the backlash against fake news succeeds, will the fakers aim for credibility - say mixing in two truths for each lie?"
"We have those already, they're called newspapers."

"Your identity has been stolen."
"Amazing! You mean there's another one of me running around?"
"No: stolen. You are not you."

"People find clarity repugnant. Look at maths."
"People find obscurity repugnant. Look at modern art."

"I'm going up to read philosophy."
"Oh; my first degree was philosophy."
"Where did you go?"
"Why did you pick
"The honest answer is, Because they gave me money to, and I felt guilty about leaving my mother on her own. The answer you want to hear is, Have you heard of the Northern Institute it briefly did cutting-ed…

notable ew it's in my ear

radiomics (n.): machine learning for diagnosis x-rays automagically.
strace (n. and v.): the venerable low-level Unix debugger.
thot (US n.): Initialisation of 'that ho over there'. op. cit. A synonym for 'slut' but with class sneering tacked on.
decision stump (n.): a decision tree with only one rule.
heisenbug (dev n.): software bug which disappears when you call someone else over to check it out
bivalvegan (n. or adj.): Vegan who eats nonsentient animals. Coined by Diana Fleischman, who has some arguments in favour that I actually buy. I don't eat bivalves because I think you can get the gains from unpretentiousness from freeganism, and without gambling with the pain of others.
in pectore (Latin adj.): 'in one's breast'; secretly. Term for the pope's secret appointment of cardinals. See also Italian, in petto, English cards held close to his chest.
the vol (Finance n.): volatilty
mandatory conference (n.): a private legal summons: "talk to me or el…

Predictions for 2017

PoliticsTotal terrorism death toll < 30,000. 70%.Total malarial death toll > 350,000. 90%.Total malarial death toll < 500,000. 80%.No terrorist attack causes >100 deaths in the developed world (HDI > 0.8): 80%No terrorist attack causes >500 deaths in the less developed world: 70%.No terrorist attack outside of Iraq and Syria causes >300 deaths: 55%.
No country will leave the Eurozone. 80%Fewer refugees admitted to European countries in 2017 than 2016. 80%Front National will gain 30+ seats in the French legislative election. 80%Le Pen will lose the presidential election. 55%Front National will not end up in power. 80%Partij voor de Vrijheid will gain 5+ seats in the Dutch election. 70%PVV will not end up in power. 80%.Alternative für Deutschland will gain 40+ seats in the German election. 70%AfD will not end up in power 70%.No second Scottish independence referendum announced. 80%There will be no formal agreement on UK membership of the common market, post-Brexit. 8…