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doing a bit

"Yeah, the wedding was last week."
"Oh! Congratulations."
"Job's just begun."

"If the backlash against fake news succeeds, will the fakers aim for credibility - say mixing in two truths for each lie?"
"We have those already, they're called newspapers."

"Your identity has been stolen."
"Amazing! You mean there's another one of me running around?"
"No: stolen. You are not you."

"People find clarity repugnant. Look at maths."
"People find obscurity repugnant. Look at modern art."

"I'm going up to read philosophy."
"Oh; my first degree was philosophy."
"Where did you go?"
"Why did you pick
"The honest answer is, Because they gave me money to, and I felt guilty about leaving my mother on her own. The answer you want to hear is, Have you heard of the Northern Institute it briefly did cutting-edge work in maths and language I also like Luca Moretti Steve Bruce Bill Naphy.

At any rate, your question reflects an unworthy fixation on status, when the only distinctive value of university philosophy is that its uncommercialisability lets you transcend gross social pressures in favour of substance: nobody cares enough to exploit or degrade it. Try 'So where do you stand on [Question]?' if you ever want to not be a prig."

"I was trying to think of myself as a slacker surrounded by mediocrities."
"But a slacker's a
de facto mediocrity."
"So I saw."

"So, after all, James will be the software architect for this project."
"How senior is he?"
"Do you mean, how good is he?"
"No, I mean: 'am I being insulted with non-prestigious staff?'"

"Our guide is, simply, ordinary experience —"
"— suitably formalized, of course."
"Of course."