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notable ew it's in my ear

  • radiomics (n.): machine learning for diagnosis x-rays automagically.

  • strace (n. and v.): the venerable low-level Unix debugger.

  • thot (US n.): Initialisation of 'that ho over there'. op. cit. A synonym for 'slut' but with class sneering tacked on.

  • decision stump (n.): a decision tree with only one rule.

  • heisenbug (dev n.): software bug which disappears when you call someone else over to check it out

  • bivalvegan (n. or adj.): Vegan who eats nonsentient animals. Coined by Diana Fleischman, who has some arguments in favour that I actually buy. I don't eat bivalves because I think you can get the gains from unpretentiousness from freeganism, and without gambling with the pain of others.

  • in pectore (Latin adj.): 'in one's breast'; secretly. Term for the pope's secret appointment of cardinals. See also Italian, in petto, English cards held close to his chest.

  • the vol (Finance n.): volatilty

  • mandatory conference (n.): a private legal summons: "talk to me or else"

  • high-speed idiocy (n.): Gleick's term for digital computing

  • determinate physical mechanism (n.): Newell's gloss on "machine". I don't have a better definition, this just struck me as jarring, too broad.

  • digital (proper n.): As in

    So disgusting.