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notnot notable words

  • pshrink (n.): an odd version of shrink, psychiatrist, with a silent p. Possibly a shibboleth used by anti-psychiatry people. Used in both Tom Clancy and Asimov!

  • gynotician (n.): gyno-politician. .

  • IOW (prepositional modifier.): in other words.

  • mantissa (n.): the fractional part of a floating point number. see also significand.

  • ablative analysis (n.): machine learning model evaluation by gradual deconstruction. "Remove components from your system one at a time, to see how it breaks."

  • meet cute (n.): an unusual and romantic first encounter (between the protagonist of a romcom).

  • online judge (n.): an online programming competition. In competitive job markets like India they seem to be gaining serious economic weight. The practice is applicable to code in particular, since it is effortlessly remote, objectively scrutable...

  • Spad (n.): a Special Advisor (to a minister of the UK government ).

  • Growing programs from data (v.): twee name for machine learning in Domingos (2012), an incredible paper, with maybe three important insights per A4 page.

  • lemmatise: to turn a word into its morpheme. (The wiki page does not mention the word "morpheme", and so must expend 150 words doing what my preceding sentence did.)

  • Abelianisation (verbal n.): the mapping between a non-Abelian group and its smallest normal subgroup. (Which subgroup is always Abelian.)

  • digraph (n.): 1) a pair of letters. 2) a directed graph, an abstract collection of pairs with one-way roads between them.

  • open core: open source software, but with a superior paid version offered by the company that maintains it. For 'Freemium' is a grave insult in this corner of the world. MySQL is the big one, but the Databricks distro of Spark.

  • recurse: to use recursion on. Amusing pun for anyone who has written recursive code: cursed again.

  • induce: to work out by induction. Compare deduce.

  • headfake: obvious once you know: