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efficient transcendence

  • Trust is efficient: more trust means less expenditure on vetting and surveillance. "Just give and see".
  • Honesty is efficient: more honesty, less expenditure maintaining a big diff web of lies. "Just say what you think".
  • Empathy is efficient: more perspective means a better comprehension of the actual situation, and so better outcomes for yourself and others. "Just imagine".
  • Keeping promises is efficient: enables future dealing. "Just do as you say".
  • Charity is efficient: able to address market failures, and able to extract the most value from cash. "Just get over yourself".

but also

  • Gullibility (misplaced trust) is costly. Lurid individual examples are easy to find, but more generally something more than 8% of the entire world economy is consumed by misappropriation. ($1tn corruption, $7tn fraud, $0.12tn shoplifting.)
  • Discoverability is costly: with millions of anonymous people potentially encountering you, the rarity of psychopathy and ideological violence isn't much protection.
  • Empathy is totally subject to our worst biases, moreso than reasoning.
  • Deontology can be wildly inefficient.