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entrée Noûs

  1. The brain is constructed entirely of ingested matter.
  2. Knowledge inheres in the brain.*
  3. So knowledge inheres in (metabolised) food.
  4. Food, like all matter, is noumenal, of the external world.
  5. So the mind inheres in the external world.
  6. So there is no metaphysical barrier between mind and world.**
  7. So there is no high-level puzzle about knowledge.***

* Yes, not just in the brain, but this suffices.

** Clearly this does not defeat the radical sceptic in her original, Cartesian internalist problematic. But the best candidate for a philosophical fact is: nothing can. Their simple, hard-reset reply is just: "it's an epistemic barrier, not a metaphysical one".

*** All this leaves to solve are the smaller titanic mysteries of consciousness, phenomenal binding, meaning, apriority, most of the highly unfinished fields neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioural genetics ...