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notable Worten sind Taten

  • nut 'graph or nut graf (n.): That ugly, mise-en-scene opening paragraph in every news article ever. Tries to answer who, what, why, when, where in two sentences.

  • vanity shingle (US pej. n.): a small film production company founded by a celebrity for projects starring themselves. Incorporates shingle: archaic metonym for a small company, via the chalked signboard showing its name outside; or the set clapperboard?

  • bomb-ass: exemplary; highly laudable; successful, op. cit.

  • gaggle (US n.): an off-camera press conference with the White House Spokesman. Fairly routine, but recently made sinister by selectivity.

  • to calque (v.): to translate word for word, or to give an etymology, instead of actual contextual usage. e.g. this clumsy note from Arrival.

  • garnishment (US n.): an ongoing, court-ordered deduction from your wages. To pay fines or debts. Something about the sound is sinister.

  • erfi (n): the imaginary error function. One day I might stop encountering conventional maths symbols I have never seen before.

  • overdimensionality (n.): property of a dataset: having an excessive number of features given available computations. A tight shibboleth for data scientist or Gnostic Muslim.

  • to handfast (Anglo-Saxon v.): to pledge; to contractually sign.

  • handfasting (n.): 1) C15th Scotland: a marriage, not necessarily permanent by design; 2) appropriations of the latter by hippies (e.g. Jim Morrison).