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notable signage, postage, and oral topiary

incel (n.): involuntary celibate. Tends to be used by terribly bitter people. Ozy Frantz is trying to reclaim the term, since the problem is a real one.
foofaraw (West US n.): pomp, fuss, ruckus.
sinter (metallurgy v.): to fuse things into a solid without heating them to liquefaction. Think making a vicious snowball out of powder. Useful for ultra-high-melting-point things like tungsten.
zero-rating (telecomms n.): Offering free mobile data, usually for very limited things like app stores or Facebook. A good form of price discrimination - but legislators oftenban it in the name of net neutrality, creating equality by running among fields with a running chainsaw. Common in the developing world - best of all, for Wikipedia.
dead mileage (n.): non-profitable movement of commercial vehicles, for maintenance or live placement.
to deadhead (v.): to travel, as staff, using dead mileage.
data sleaze (n.): customer data obtained secretly by businesses, secretly sold on. Almost all 'free' se…

How many hours have I spent on maths?

(or, rather, How many hours have I spent explicitly doing maths?) Formal education Preschool. 300 hours of counting?
Primary school. (4? per week * 40 weeks x 7 years) = 1100
Secondary school (6 years)
S1+S2: (3? per week * 40 weeks * 2) + homework (80), revision (40) = 360
Standard Grade: (3? per week * 40 weeks * 2) + homework (160), revision (50) = 450
Higher Maths: (3 per week * 40) + homework (100), revision (100) = 320
Physics: (2 * 40 * 1) + home (50) + revision (50) = 180
Chemistry: (2 * 40 * 1) + home (50) + revision (50) = 180
=~ 1800
Higher education
Economics = (4 hours * 24 weeks * 4 years) + homework (200) + revision (200) + thesis (100) = 900
Cryptography = 100
Half a BSc in Maths = 16 hours per assignment x 23 assignments + (60 hours study x 4 courses) = 600
~ 1600
~ 5000 hours.

My own writing hasn't been very mathematical so far. But I've done a bunch of recreational bits and warmup pieces, and read books like GEB and Chaos.
~ 200 h…

notable nah

threeper (US n.): A 'Three Percenter', member of a post-Obama movement of private militias. Mostly hunting Mexicans along the border and fuming about what Alex Jones tells them about the government. 'Obama as globalist', 'blue hats invading', 'sheeple', 'chemtrails': it's all in there.
screecham (Shetland n.): whisky. See also skreigh, from 'shriek'.
Terminus (Lt. proper n.): Roman god of boundaries. This made me laugh: His statue was merely a stone or post stuck in the ground to distinguish between properties..
kindness sandwich (Lt. proper n.): Gentle criticism, tempered by putting the corrective inbetween two compliments. See also bumblebee nickname ("Cute, but it stings.")
AFOL (n.): Adult Fan of Lego.
veg (gamer pej. adj.): vegetative; of wasting time on games. To veg out is established British slang, but the adjectival form is new to me: "You've got a really veg profile."
egofag (4chan pej. n.): An attention-…

Fudge factors for military PR

The Geneva ratio: how many deaths by conventional weaponry does it take to equal the outrage of a single death from chemical weapons? (Around 10,000)
The Matthew 18:6 ratio: how many adults can die tragically before they register as much as one child's death does? (More than1000.)
The robot ratio: how many deaths can a manned aircraft cause before it equals the outrage accruing to a single drone strike? (Around 10?)
The terrifying terrestrial terror ratio: how many people can be killed in e.g. car accidents before the outrage of a single killing by a terrorist is matched? (More than 1000.)
The Vertreibung ratio: how many civilians of an enemy state can be killed before the outrage of a home civilian's death is matched? (1 million divided by 2400*...)
The fatigues: How many home-nation soldiers can die before the outrage of a single home-nation civilian death is matched? (In the dozens?)
Solve for max casualties and min retweets.

(This post was originally titled "Fudge factors …

if by notable you mean you mean the devil's brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster, that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys the home, creates misery and poverty, yea, literally takes the bread from the mouths of little children; if you mean the evil drink that topples the Christian man and woman from the pinnacle of righteous, gracious living into the bottomless pit of degradation, and despair, and shame and helplessness, and hopelessness, then certainly I am against it.

fakery (US n.): a bakery that orders frozen pastries from a distributor while presenting them as fresh. Surely most bakeries are by now.
en banc (Fr. / legal adj.): "In bench": heard before every judge in the court at once. Marker of severity.
to toggle into memory (1950s v.): to enter a program into an old mainframe, one bit at a time, using the switches on its front panel.
to vernalize (v.): to induce a plant to flowering by exposing it to prolonged cold (a la winter).
stim toys (n.): stress balls and widgets and fidgets that allow healthy displacement behaviour for autistic people in social situations.
outsider porn: literary novels.
pandonic (programming adj.): of idiomatic Pandas code.
to perp (v.): to perpendicularise. Term in geometry / computer graphics for effecting a 90 degree rotation with simple swap- and negate logic.
vidya (US pej. n.): 1) computer game. I got excited for a moment when someone said that teenagers were all really into 2) vidya.
randomista (n.): One who c…

Been reading, Q1 2017

(c) Woman Reading (1970) by Wil Barnet
(c) The Times, 1849
I have never focussed on any thing for very long. In 2008 I took advantage of my government's inefficient good graces to study philosophy, thinking myself serious. In 2010 I started a blog, thinking myself serious. In 2012 I started reviewing everything I read, thinking myself serious. In 2014 I learned to code, and thought myself very serious. In 2016 I got myself a good, hard job and continue to think myself serious. But my job involves induction.


Sex by Numbers (2015) by David Spiegelhalter.

Very fun, but with a serious scientific mission. The expected titillating facts are of course present (how many people have tried anal? How many people are gay? What's typical?) but there's also an intro to the many difficulties of social science, and a history of sexology in here. You learn why you should admire but not trust Ellis, Hirschfeld, Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, Hite... Something for everyone.


Evolving O…

Done in March 2017

Archived webpages cited on my sites. Pride: 2.Posh Spark training. Pride: 1.Maths assignment #6: vector calculus, contours, fields. Pride: 3.Started functional programming (Odersky, Chiusano). Pride: 2.15 posts not including this. Pride: 3.Read Chiang, Dyer, Webb, Stross. Pride: 1.Took the lead hiring. Pride: 3.Lots of plans for software and datasets. Pride: 0?