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Fudge factors for military PR

  • The Geneva ratio: how many deaths by conventional weaponry does it take to equal the outrage of a single death from chemical weapons? (Around 10,000)

  • The Matthew 18:6 ratio: how many adults can die tragically before they register as much as one child's death does? (More than 1000.)

  • The robot ratio: how many deaths can a manned aircraft cause before it equals the outrage accruing to a single drone strike? (Around 10?)

  • The terrifying terrestrial terror ratio: how many people can be killed in e.g. car accidents before the outrage of a single killing by a terrorist is matched? (More than 1000.)

  • The Vertreibung ratio: how many civilians of an enemy state can be killed before the outrage of a home civilian's death is matched? (1 million divided by 2400*...)

  • The fatigues: How many home-nation soldiers can die before the outrage of a single home-nation civilian death is matched? (In the dozens?)

Solve for max casualties and min retweets.

(This post was originally titled "Fudge factors for Public Affairs" but this closely related term is too obscure.)

(I also resisted the urge to make this stupid pun:
  • The Krypton factor: How many people can Lex Luthor kill before he matches the outrage of Superman letting a single person die?

* 2400 military casualties, true, but they weren't at war and so borrowed some of the civilian halo for a moment.