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notable nah

  • threeper (US n.): A 'Three Percenter', member of a post-Obama movement of private militias. Mostly hunting Mexicans along the border and fuming about what Alex Jones tells them about the government. 'Obama as globalist', 'blue hats invading', 'sheeple', 'chemtrails': it's all in there.

  • screecham (Shetland n.): whisky. See also skreigh, from 'shriek'.

  • Terminus (Lt. proper n.): Roman god of boundaries. This made me laugh: His statue was merely a stone or post stuck in the ground to distinguish between properties..

  • kindness sandwich (Lt. proper n.): Gentle criticism, tempered by putting the corrective inbetween two compliments. See also bumblebee nickname ("Cute, but it stings.")

  • AFOL (n.): Adult Fan of Lego.

  • veg (gamer pej. adj.): vegetative; of wasting time on games. To veg out is established British slang, but the adjectival form is new to me: "You've got a really veg profile."

  • egofag (4chan pej. n.): An attention-seeking person. See also dramallama.

  • algorism (n.): the practice of arithmetic using (Indian) positional numbers. Took 400 years to really catch on, after initial import to Europe.

  • new god argument (n.): The claim that belief in God ('superhumanity') is justified on simulationist and Hegelian transhumanist grounds. 'You should believe in God because we will become God.' But more interesting than that implies. Original work by a Mormon dude with an incredible name.

  • to krige (v.): to interpolate values using a Gaussian process regression. AKA Wiener-Kolmogorov. "kraɪg" I think.

  • Chi-Town (US n.): Chicago. Pronounced "Chai".

  • bitext (n.): a parallel text (writing in two languages, side by side).

  • rebar (n.): reinforcing bar: the cool ropey steel in reinforced concrete.

  • Paremiography (n.): the study and collation of aphorisms.

  • inducer (n.): A worse name for 'learner', learning algorithm. From (logical) induction.

  • philosophy (n.): arguing about definitions, arguing about implications, arguing about possibilities, without being able to check your working, or assign probabilities.

  • evolution (n.): an agent-based iterative search over phenotype space.

  • machine learning (n.): or pattern recognition, statistical learning theory, data mining, knowledge discovery, predictive analytics, data science, adaptive systems, self-organizing systems.