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notable largely from Cormac

  • to live within PRISM (pej. v.): to spend your time on the public web, i.e. within full view of government intrusion.

  • Scalish (programming adj.): Of code written in good Scala style. See also Pythonic, Ruby Way, maybe Rustic.

  • nostrification (German n.): the conversion of degrees granted elsewhere into local terms.

  • ravioli code (programming n.): marked by overzealous encapsulation. See also spaghetti code, marked by heavy coupling and no interfaces.

  • rescission (legal n.): revoking of a contract; repealing of a law. Used in casual conversation by Ruth Davidson. Easy to work out apriori ("re", again, "sciss", separate/broken) but still new.

  • merkledag (n.): Merkle directed acyclic graph: a particular hash-linked data structure suitable for massively decentralised work. This word denotes the logical plan used by instances of the Interplanetary Filesystem. (All IPFS addresses are merkle hashes, links between which form a graph.)

  • Stench gas (n.): some extremely smelly substance used as a silent alarm in loud environments like mines.

  • gunbroke (cowboy adj.): unarmed; perhaps, too poor to own a weapon

  • cold-jawed (cowboy adj.): of a horse, insensitive to pressure from the reins. Possibly a trauma response.

  • sutler (n.): merchant who follows an army around.

  • to pipeclay (v.): to whiten using a particular kind of clay.

  • to crozzle (v.): to wilt or shrivel under heat.

  • salitter (n.): The substance of God. From the idiolect of Jakob Boehme and nowhere else.

  • slutlamp (Southern US n.): Ramshackle torch: oil in a bottle with a cloth wick. Maybe from Dutch sluit, closed/sealed?

(Yes, I have been reading Cormac McCarthy.)