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  • black tax (South African n.): 1) putative burden on black South Africans, to support their extended family; 2) Trevor Noah uses it as a substitute for "white privilege", which I think is a good idea. Racism is an artificial burden on black people, rather than an unearned bonus for whites. 'Privilege' distorts the issue and invites correct but irrelevant objections about how little has been given the privilegee.

  • Saffer (n.): South African person.

  • japie or yarpie (Afrikaans n.): (white) farmboy; bogan; teuchter; hillbilly.

  • chemsex (gay UK n.): Intercourse facilitated and potentiated by e.g. meth, GHB, mephedrone. Particularly of Grindr people. See also slamsex, chemsex with injected substances.

  • dec (fashion n.): D├ęcolletage; a woman's neck, shoulders and cleavage.

  • MORSE (academic n.): Maths, Op Research, Statistics, Economics. All the good stuff.

  • passage (microbiology n.): process of a pathogen iterating itself, as it passes through one organism and mutates.

  • ELINT (spook n.): Electronic Intelligence: web spying. A subdivision, with COMINT (speech and text), of SIGINT (Signals Intelligence). See also HUMINT, GEOINT, MASINT, OSINT, TECHINT, CYBINT/DNINT, FININT.

  • to club (Hinglish v.): to discretize; to bin; to bucket.

  • to live (Hinglish v.): To deploy to a live environment. Pronounced like "hive". Usage was: "As soon as we have lived it."

  • muh biotroofs (pej. interjection): 'my biological truths'. Instance of a despicable 4chan/Twitter trend, of dismissing someone's point merely by imagining them saying it in a funny voice: "muh freedoms!", "muh technojesus", "freeze peach!".

  • nerd money (n.): digital currency, especially cryptocurrencies. In the process of being taken over by gangsters and suits, though.

  • anabelian (maths adj.): Very Un-Abelian. More specifically, of Grothendieck's geometric programme investigating how certain fundamental groups influence algebraic varieties.

  • write hole (hardware n.): data corruption issue for non-atomic transactions in redundant systems. Basically you get interrupted in the middle of writing and can't recover because you've altered the parity bits.

  • isso (German internet interjection): 1) 'Ich schrei sonst'; (Shut up) Or else I will scream! 2) A cool open-source comment server.