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odour of sanctity

"36056e1bc7447cc3d66832a10f9e420beeab3226" (2017) by dorianna

Besides being free and endless and potentially superhuman, algorithmic art has a hidden benefit:

The artefacts are not the real problem with conceptual art: rather, it's the pretense. The artist, feigning profundity; the critic, helping them wank. Artbots won't claim profundity, nor will they be attributed it; so they might make museums smell less of shite.

"Accidentally generated pattern........" (2015) by Kieran G. Larkin

'Exploration of Related Points Along a Space Filling Curve #2' (2007) by Don Relyea

"inception_4c-output-3-9-3" (2007) by Pete Ashton