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notable no-no-no-notorious

infra dig. (Latin / U adj.): infra dignitatem; incredibly posh way of saying the already posh "beneath one".
shakeout (business n.): The collapse of a competitive industry into oligopoly. Wall Street word: you can hear the salivation.
ranch (computing n.): cluster. (Archaic.)
shell account (computing n.): a remote userspace. Remarkably, you can buy one of these for accessing your casual-but-nerdy forum (it's giving randos an arbitrary-execution place on your server, after all). These are how Unix-inclined programmers survived in a Microsoft world.
malocclusion (dentistry n.): misalignment of teeth between your two jaws.
ULEZ (London n.): Ultra Low Emission Zone. Tiny central circle of London that you have to pay extra to drive polluting vehicles in. Overlaps the existing Congestion Charge Zone perfectly, which makes for an interesting ontology of tax.
workforce-planned area (corporate n.): a physical area of a company where everything is highly timed and regimented, like a fac…

Highlighted passages in Hodge's Alan Turing: the Enigma (1983)


"Is a mind a complicated kind of abstract pattern that develops in an underlying physical substrate, such as a vast network of nerve cells? If so... could something else be substituted for the tiny nerve cells, such as millions of small computational units made of arrays of transistors, giving rise to an artificial neural network with a conscious mind?... In short, can thinking and feeling emerge from patterns of activity in different sorts of substrate − organic, electronic, or otherwise?

...Could a language-using machine give the appearance of understanding sentences and coming up with ideas while in truth being as devoid of thought and as empty inside as a nineteenth-century adding machine or a twentieth-century word processor? ...Are understanding and reasoning incompatible with a materialistic, mechanistic view of living beings?

Could a machine ever be said to have made its own decisions? Could a machine have beliefs? Could a machine believe it made its own d…

notable intermittent explosions

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (medical n.): behavioral disorder involving sudden irrational rage. Children under 6 are never considered to display IED: their explosive disorder is instead due to being under 6. Very possibly the reason for that unbelievably petty outburst you saw in Morrison's the other day.
sport one's oak (Oxbridge v.): to signal a desire for solitude by closing one's (outer) door.
fatberg (n.): a congealed mass of cooking fat, nappies and condoms, blocking a sewer. This one is 130 tonnes.
Vouched Mozillian: A trusted volunteer for the Mozilla Foundation. Sounds like a clan from Dune.
monocoque (engineering adj.): of frames which use the external chassis to support weight, lacking an internal load-bearing frame; 'structural skin'.

Underwater basket weaving (US n.): snarky metonym for any useless university course. Decried as racist, as all things must be.
survivors movement (internet n.): People who hate the psychiatric treatment they've had. Pre…

notable nota bene

revert (n.): a convert to Islam. We "revert" to it, however, because we reportedly already agreed to follow Allah's rules before we were born.
tulpa (n.): Tibetan spirit familiar / alter-ego / imaginary friend. More recently used for pretend, voluntary dissociation. Workflowy and this site are my tulpas.
contrafactum (n.): a cover of a song with different words. For instance, my mate called this a 'parody' of 'Hallelujah', but it is not a parody, because it is not making fun of the original.
hyperprior (philosophy n.): Andy Clark's term for the cognitive conditions of learning anything about the world (e.g. sensory co-ordination, object permanence, "the world is in one determinate state"). Previously called synthetic a priori judgments, or conditions of possibility, but unlike Kant Clark is willing to imagine that they might not be innate and/or logically necessary, but actually learned from sense data in infancy. Which is why babies are idiots…