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notable no-no-no-notorious

  • infra dig. (Latin / U adj.): infra dignitatem; incredibly posh way of saying the already posh "beneath one".

  • shakeout (business n.): The collapse of a competitive industry into oligopoly. Wall Street word: you can hear the salivation.

  • ranch (computing n.): cluster. (Archaic.)

  • shell account (computing n.): a remote userspace. Remarkably, you can buy one of these for accessing your casual-but-nerdy forum (it's giving randos an arbitrary-execution place on your server, after all). These are how Unix-inclined programmers survived in a Microsoft world.

  • malocclusion (dentistry n.): misalignment of teeth between your two jaws.

  • ULEZ (London n.): Ultra Low Emission Zone. Tiny central circle of London that you have to pay extra to drive polluting vehicles in. Overlaps the existing Congestion Charge Zone perfectly, which makes for an interesting ontology of tax.

  • workforce-planned area (corporate n.): a physical area of a company where everything is highly timed and regimented, like a factory floor. Where HR and Ops constantly micromanage you. Sounds completely miserable, the second way that low-pay labour stabs you. This is one of the most bland, buzzwordy Wiki pages I've ever seen.

  • invisible network (computing n.): devices connected to a network without the techies knowing about it. Includes attackers and shadow apps. This hospital sysadmin found 40,000 devices that weren't explicitly listed or authorised on his net, mostly IoT gash.

  • a11y (internet activism n.): Ironically unreadable abbreviation for "accessibility".

  • birdsite (internet n.): What srs people on Mastodon call Twitter.

  • superspace, superfield, superpotential (math. physics n.): awesome-sounding objects and parameters in one (sadly unconfirmed and slowly marginalised) proposed non-Standard quantum mechanical theory.

  • tropicalize (combinatorics/geometry v.): to extract a series of linear objects from an algebraic variety, the better to attack it with discrete maths. Here is a tropical surface:

  • MT/s (hardware n.): megatransfers per second; million data-bearing operations per second.

  • quad-pumped (hardware adj.): Clever way of passing data at four points of one clock cycle, rather than the usual/old one. Allows a much higher transfer rate (4x) for a given clock rate.