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notable knouting

  • to knout (v.): to lash with a barbed, multi-headed whip. Peculiar to English commentary about Tsarist Russia.

  • to perlustrate (v.): to inspect thoroughly; to rifle through.

  • morganatic (adj.): Of marriage: crossing class boundaries; partial; granting no titles to the wife and children. AKA left-handed marriage.

  • accouchement (Fr n.): a birth; the moment of fetal expulsion.

  • altricial (adj): incapable of moving around immediately after birth.

  • test particle (n.): fictional entity used in high-energy physics simulations / dynamics problems at the limit. Model with only one property, the one you want to simulate.

  • fustian (n.): 1) thick dark cloth; 2) pompous writing. Confusing because it looks like an adjective.

  • to templatize (computing v.): genericise; to use metaprogramming templates on. Seen in a BS marketing spiel; yet another case of presenting some 40-year-old basic CS idea as revolutionary innovation.

  • nesomane (n.): Island lover.