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notable nicenesses

  • niceness (UNIX n.): inverse process priority.
    a job with a high niceness is very kind to the users of your system (i.e., it runs at low priority), while a job with little niceness utilises more of the CPU

  • TPTB (internet n.): The Powers That Be. You can hear the conspiratorial hiss.

  • skeuomorph (pej. design n.): an object which retains the look and metaphors of its predecessors even though it does not need to:

  • cultural fluency (culture war n.): Mandatory ideological re-education on campus (see also sensitivity training). Very useful, not as guide to actually ethical conduct, but as primer on what inadvertent words are likely to incite a mob.

  • stemwinder (US n.): A rousing speech, especially by a politician.

  • spavined (posh adj.): bony, particularly of horses; wasted.

  • neuclidean(maths adj.): noneuclidean for impatient people.

  • landsat (science n.): The oldest satellite mapping project: 45 years of continuous imagery.

  • interocular trauma test (stats n.): drawing conclusions about significance from blindingly obvious graphs or stats that... hit you between the eyes.

  • couvade (anthropology n.): rituals conducted by the father during gestation.

  • Couvade syndrome (): psychosomatic disorder; sympathetic pregnancy; weight gain, altered hormones, morning sickness, labour pains have been reported.

  • mumbo-jumbological (adj.): pretentiously pseudo-scientific. I use it for cosmetics marketing, architectural theory, . One of Ian Fleming's.

  • VUZ (GDR adj.): vor unserer Zeitrechnung; Communist euphemism for BCE.

  • knugen (Swedish n.): Intentional misspelling of "kungen", king, to tease Gustav XVI's dyslexia.

  • jazzy chass (50s Las Vegas n.): A winner who is still greedy

  • pigeon (50s Las Vegas n.): a loser who throws more money at it