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notable numale numanoids

  • pokie (Oz n.): slot machine (metonym for poker machine). See also pokie palace, a cheap casino. The only evidence I have that this diminution is typical of Australia is this:

  • Jahwist (philology proper n.): One of the hypothesised four authors of the Old Testament, the one who uses YHWE as the name of God.

  • numale (manosphere n.): Slur for non-hegemonically masculine / non-sexist man. Said to be disrespected by all.

  • the Cupertino idiot-tax operation: Apple Inc.

  • banya (Russian n.): sauna room.

  • to patch (Scots v.): to cancel; to bail; to ditch. Dundonian.

  • stramineous (Latinate adj.): straw-like; worthless.

  • to slot floppies (Rhodesian v.): to shoot insurgents. Presumably racist.

  • source (stream computing n.): stream creator/pusher. Source and sink are from thermodynamics and/or ecology.

  • sink (stream computing n.): stream consumer. A class or function (or file...) that receives events from another object or function. A production sink is in the real frontend of your system.

  • gateway (stream computing n.): a sink that can also be a source.

  • amplituhedron (quantum physics n.): Geometric object from twistor theory which drastically simplifies calculations of particle interactions. The theory of amplituhedrons also doesn't assume locality or unitarity: these properties just arise later, which could make the geometry a more fundamental way of describing quantum fields.

  • factor variable (stats n.): a category represented as either a numeric or string variable. Just an enum.

  • pomace (agri n.): the solid mush byproduct of squeezing fruit for its juice or oil. You can buy pomace olive oil for about 1/10th of the cost of the main stuff.

  • knismesis (physio n.) and gargalesis (physio n.): the two types of tickling: feathery and muscular

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