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notable is what it is, am what I am, will be will be boys

  • Half-Mourning (Victorian n.): The final stage of the Decent two-year grieving period, in which the widow is allowed to hear hats again and can start to work bland colours (grey, lilac, lavender) into her clothing.

  • Game recognizes game (black proverb): Takes one to know one; great minds think alike. Self-aggrandising compliment.

  • healthspan (n.): the length of time in which you are healthy. Healthspan is the proper target of medicine, but has been sidelined in favour of raw longevity for a century.

  • bare stick (光棍) (Chinese n.): Single man. (Some suggest that this is a dick joke, but this is likely to be denied by locals.) Name of the annual Valentine's Day / orgy of consumerism, on November 11th (chosen because 11/11 has a lot of single 1s in it).

  • exploitable (n.): a meme template with blank space for you to speak your branes in.

  • manhwa (만화)(Korean n.): manga.

  • brohoof (internet n.): A high-five between two bronies, men who watch the show My Little Pony.

  • Hartmann's (medical n.): Surgical removal of part of the colon.

  • paypig (BDSM n.): the sub in a financial domination relationship.

  • mustard (South England adj.): great; lavish. Only attested once on the internet."It's gonna be mustard!"

  • summer slide (pedagogy n.): Putative effect in which children forget and/or become stupider over the summer holidays ("lose achievement gains"). Euphemistic page here. Life after uni is one long summer slide.

  • threshold concept (pedagogy n.): A difficult but critical idea. Missing them can prevent ever progressing. Discussed by Scott Alexander here, more engagingly than the educationalists.

  • clickwork (n.): internet piecework. e.g. copywriting, SEO text creation, tagging, product data management.


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