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notable [redacted for your sake]

  • twenny nug (channish n.): 20 (chicken) nuggets.

  • skiff (US military n.): Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Airgapped, maximal security computer installation.

  • class-struggle face (阶级斗争脸) (Maoist n.): the fixed frown-grimace suitable for intimidating black elements. A risque joke at Mao's expense. I make this face at work when I don't want to be bothered. (I work in an open plan.)

  • black money (Indian n.): Money from the black market, untaxed: perhaps trillions in total.

  • twice exceptional (US pedagogy adj.): both disabled and gifted. (“being gifted and being disabled are surprisingly similar: isolating, mystifying, petrifying.”)

  • nasheed (Arabic n.): religious song, canonically a'capella, but these days they add a bunch of overdubs and comps and stuff. Searching for them can get you put on A Watchlist.

  • grand truth (ML n.): The underlying distribution; the population. I think it's probably a malapropism for ground truth. Coined by Tsypkin (1971) to no acclaim, but I've seen it used by the modern greats.

  • Enhance Your Calm: Amusingly hammy line from Demolition Man, used by Twitter for their rate-limiting error message.

  • prop trader (finance n.): Proprietary trader: stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, derivatives. When people say they hate bankers this is mostly what they mean. What Taleb does.

  • isohyet (geography): a line of equal rainfall on a contour map. See also isohel (light), isopectic (freezing dates), isohume, isochalaz (hail).

  • full kit wanker (UK pej. n.): Someone who walks around in the full football strip of their team, shorts, socks and all. I don't know why it is contemptible to see this on the street; I don't feel the same about any other choice of clothing.

  • wowser (Antipodean n.): killjoy; prig; puritan.

  • lucies (NY n.): Tabs of LSD.

  • cryptogam (biology n.): plant that reproduces via spores. Not to be confused with cryptogram, as the UK government did in the WWII.