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notable psycho booms

  • psycho-boom (心理热潮) (n.): recent rapid, enthusiastic import of psychiatric concepts and treatments in China. Excellent stuff. Except, unfortunately, psychoanalysis has stolen a march on the cognitive/biological approach, and is enjoying a lucrative afterlife, following its much-deserved death in the West.
    American psychoanalytic institutes often have trouble finding willing patients; Chinese programs have the opposite problem. When Beijing University held a series of lectures on Carl Jung a few years ago, it could admit only a quarter of the people who wanted to attend.

  • scènes à faire (legal n.): something too simple or cliched to be copyrightable. e.g. rooftop showdown, the millenial whoop.

  • to get winstoned (underground UK v.): to cut one's septum on one of the new plastic £10 notes, which have Churchill's face on them.

  • bomb (underground UK n.): a paper case to deliver powder to the stomach.

  • sac (chess v.): to sacrifice

  • Quadrilateral (international n.): Potential anti-China bloc: the US, India, Australia and Japan

  • the clenis (90s US proper n.): Bill Clinton's dick.

  • Mendelian disorder (biology n.): a monogenic, heritable disease. Follows the three laws. Not the usual case.

  • skort (n.): culottes; shorts with an extra bit of fabric mimicking a short skirt.

  • hodler (internet n.): holder; a person who owns Bitcoin long-term.

  • willybot (internet n.): program for fraudulent trading, especially of bitcoin, to inflate prices. Named after one operating in the late and ominous Mt Gox.

  • toyetic (corporate n.): toyable; merchandise-friendly.

  • snow job (50s US n.): a blizzard of bullshit, a wall of flattery.

  • ancient solution (maths n.): solution of a differential which applies for all prior time, (−∞, T). Coined by Perelman.

  • quad (engineering n.): a quadrillion BTU; 1.05 exajoules. Useful unit for measuring national energy grids.

  • Merkelwürfel (German n.): Merkel's cubes. Impressively nasty unspeak for traffic-control blockades in public spaces.

  • scalar < vector < matrix < tensor < matroid. Haven't verified that last generalisation but it could be true in a squinting way.