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what I said to you in 2017

My main output was to teach you 500 strange words.

I got cross about the prestige of certain knowledge workers. I collated some skits. I tried to predict what would happen this year. I reflected on what I did wrong in school. I wrote about the difference between knowing (the password, the algorithm) and grokking. I wrote about the perception of value and dissed phenomenology again. I wrote about how unrealistic realistic art is. I made analogies between my philosophy and the ancients'. I reviewed Robin Hanson's grand book, Geoff Dyer's nonbook, and Ted Chiang's sculptures.

I estimated how many lives the media thinks certain kinds of lives are worth. I estimated how many hours I have spent on maths. I wrote a poem about the north. I wrote a poem about nationhood. I made a joke ranking of mathematics students. I wrote about how it feels to grok statistical learning for the first time. I wrote about the compleat scientist. I wrote about Nazi nuclear scientists behind closed doors. I wondered what "high-powered" actually entails. I totalled the cost of my education and hoisted a black flag. I reviewed Cormac McCarthy, eavesdropped on Nazis, and shamed Stephen Jay Gould.

I wrote about how computerised art will be much better in at least one way. I wrote about resisting affirmation in favour of criticism. I wrote about why philosophy is not the best use of your time. I wrote about envying the intolerant. I wrote about theories vs models. I cursorily reviewed The Dune Trilogy. I reviewed a history of the worst thing ever. I reviewed Turing's lifework and cried. I reviewed Kissinger, Heinlein and the Romanovs.

I began ranking all of Ursula LeGuin's fiction. I reviewed a horrible mess by a beautiful man. I took notes on the best utopia in fiction ("best" in terms literary, not hedonic). I reviewed Sapolsky, Yudkowsky, Heath and Feynman.