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notable nolo tangere

citogenesis (n.): the creation of a loop of citations for a baseless fact. Coined by Randall Munroe.
Bradford Factor (HR n.): dumb measure of the burden of someone's sick days: (Number of occasions sick)^2 x Total days absent. Objectively badly calibrated: making an effort to come in to the office before full recovery is penalised compared to taking a whole week off. Apparently widely used in the UK.
dehiring (HR n.): euphemism for being fired gently; colluding with an employee you want rid of, to get them hired somewhere else.
outplacement (HR n.): another kind of gentle firing: in particular, outsourcing the firing process to a training-and-counselling company.
scripta manent (Latin proverb): 'text remains'; can I get that in writing?
music bread (Sardinian n.): sort of like a papadum or hardtack.
sea-turtle (海龟) (n.): a Chinese graduate of foreign universities who returns to China. Pun on haigui, ocean-return.
mensiversary (pompous n.): recurrence of the day of the mont…

notable nudniks

imeldific (adj.): ostentatious; extravagant to the point of vulgarity. Coined by Imelda Marcos, which tells you something about her relationship to herself.
Professor the Lord (UK pron.): Honorific for someone who is both a university professor and a peer. cf. Professor the Lord Vice Chancellor Winston and Professor the Lord.
privately rational (economics adj.): Tyler Cowen's new term for economically rational. I think I'll taboo the latter from my speech, since the former is so much more evocative.
senolytic (bio n.): agent that kills only old, malfunctioning, cancer-prone cells. Just beginning applications... Lit: age destroyer.
elephant's breath (pretentious n.): beige-grey.
do-calculus (stats/CS n.): Judea Pearl's causal identification framework; a symbolic logic for deriving all the observational implications of a model.
turbocode (electronics n.): particularly good way of encoding signals to get forward error correction.
to wallhack (gaming v.): to mak…

notable poland problems

Cassandrafreude (n): twisted pleasure in things going wrong exactly the way you predicted, when no one believed you.
forensicist (med n.): criminal psychiatrist, involved in e.g. verifying insanity defences. Real lie detectors.
egregore (occult n.): thought-form; Volksgeist; manipulative hivemind; some sort of supernatural meme.
Poland problem (social n.): having a polarised and unmanageable political culture despite good economic performance. (This is an exception to a very general socioeconomic rule.) Peculiar to Barkley Rosser but he makes up for the usagegap onhis own.
packed assembly (politics n.): an artificially-skewed parliament / voter base. Ballot stuffing via selection bias.
cattle-cake (husbandry n.): animal feed block; mostly straw and yeast and other run-off.
talcosis (med n.): inflammation of lungs from constant exposure to talc powder.
BID (Latin): bis in die; twice a day.
culture add (HR n.): New buzzword for what a diversity hire is inten…