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notable mezzo del camin

  • copaganda (US n.): media that portrays police positively; also those press conferences with a bunch of dope on the table.

  • Black MIDI (music n.): Subgenre of Japanese chip-tunes, named for having so many notes that the score would look solid black if transcribed to sheet music. Pairs well with bullet hell games.

  • PC music (music n.): genre and/or performance-art label; pop music insiders making exaggerated, hyperreal versions of present Chart milieus. It is diabetes music. More difficult to listen to at length to than e.g. thrash metal or Black MIDI; I make it 4 mins into this for instance.

  • to misbuy (PR v.): to purchase wrongly. Complement to missell attributing blame on consumer; pushback from financial companies.

  • collision installation (biz n.): business strategy in which a human helps you switch to the product; imparts metaphorical energy by "colliding" with you and sending you sailing into the CLTV. See also Collison install.

  • the cheese reaction (neuropharmacology n.): acute hypertension from eating certain amines (especially tyramine) along with MAO-A inhibiting antidepressants.

  • Bateman's principle (evo bio n.): hypothesis that variability in reproductive success is greater in males than in females.

  • bihet (Tumblr pej. adj.): 'Bisexual Heterosexual'; calling someone a fake bisexual. Used by radicals: yet another way of accusing privilege.

  • sundown town (US n.): place which advertised its own racism, which said it was unsafe for non-white people to be at night. Until the 50s, often advertised by public road signs, e.g.:
    Colorado: "No Mexicans After Night".
    Connecticut: "Whites Only Within City Limits After Dark'.

  • dunder and sunder (Pythonista n.): double or single underscored method name; sometimes a metonym for the method itself - "__str is a dunder".

  • live service (corporate game n. and adj.): A game that you can't buy, that you have to subscribe to or pay-per-play. Dreadful milking operations, in general.

  • kief, keef, kif (Arabic n.): fibrous hashish resin.

  • mezzo del camin (Italian n.): mid-life. From Dante.

  • credential stuffing (cybersec n.): automated unauthorized access, using logins from the many, many mass data leaks. Barely deserves to be called hacking.

  • to go stag (US v.): to attend a social event without a date.