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notable noseeum nolle prosequi

  • nolle prosequi (Latin ): unwilling to pursue; used to announce the decision not to press charges.

  • skeptical theism (n.): view that we can't discern whether natural evil is good evidence against the existence of Yahweh. ("it would not be surprising for an infinitely intelligent and knowledgeable being's reasons for permitting evils to be beyond human comprehension") True in the same boring way as radical sceptical scenarios: we can't rule it out. But it quite ignores the fact that evil is manifest; the burden of showing its hidden benevolence is on the theist.

  • noseeum (pej. n.): 1) sandfly, midge; 2) anti-theodicy inference by which we survey the world, find no reason for the immense suffering within, and so conclude there is no reason for it. Meant as snark by theologians, but sounds fine to me.

  • portfolio career (n.): having several part-time jobs at once. Could be nice, but is more often sweet lemons on the part of people who want to be in crowded industries (like art).

  • to be off corp (google v.): to be off the corporate network and/or hardware; to be working on one's own setup.

  • Dark Euphoria (n.): nihilistic abandon; the prevailing mood on the late-2010s internet: 'oh srsly fuck 2015, 16, 17, 18'. Coined by Bruce Sterling in this eyebrow-raising talk from 2009:
    Things are just falling apart, you can’t believe the possibilities, it’s like anything is possible, but you never realized you’re going to have to dread it so much. It’s like a leap into the unknown. You’re falling toward earth at nine hundred kilometres an hour and then you realize there’s no earth there... It’s the cultural temperament of the coming decade... Barack Obama is a Gothic High-Tech figure. I know that Europeans are totally enamoured of this guy. I don’t blame you for that. [But] He’s a Chicago machine politician, all right? He’s not freakin’ Vaclav Havel.

  • to greenwald (idiolect v.): to misrepresent. A petty coinage by Dawkins.

  • perisex (internet adj.): not intersex

  • dyadic (internet pej. n.): also not intersex. The new "cis".

  • lateral violence (nasty sociology n.): "displaced violence directed against one's peers rather than adversaries. This construct is one way of explaining minority-on-minority violence in developed nations." Oh aye? So people outside your race are your 'adversaries'? Great job, anti-racist discourse!

  • homonormative (internet pej. adj.): of things which promote "a privatized, depoliticized gay culture anchored in domesticity and consumption". (Sounds fun to me.) Used by people who don't like gay men blending in to society. This 'introductory' article contains literally no definition of its main term, just a forest of knowing coughs and mood affiliations. "Gay men are bad" but for progressives.

  • radikweer (internet pej. n.): radical queer; particularly those "so queer they're actively homophobic". Believes in that monosexuals are oppressors, that binary identities are homonormative, that gay men are oppressors... The cycle of coinage-to-reclamation of insults, which used to be about 100 years, is now down to about 2 days.

  • circulating (academic v.): Popularising; diffusing. A buzzword in academic history.

  • evil (category theory joke adj.): breaking equivalence-invariance.

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