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notable blathernodery

  • egoboo (fandom / open source n.): ego boost; social credit; pleasure received from public recognition of one's voluntary work. See also warm glow.

  • soyboy (MRA pej. n.): feminine man - in reference to the urban legend / quack palaeo notion that soy xenoestrogens lower testosterone. Depressingly, it's because of people like this that Cordelia Fine's bullshit is justifiable. See also numale, cuck, beta (though on top of the gender policing, soyboy adds diet policing and is that much worse).

  • rufous (n.): reddish brown; robiny.

  • inclusion rider (Hollywood n.): condition that one's peers must meet a diversity quota.

  • Dolbyification (industry n.): moving off manufacturing / and towards licencing and assurance. See

  • Coolidge effect (biology n.): broad tendency for males to exhibit renewed sexual interest if introduced to new sexual partners (even though previous partners are still available and had not ).

  • emodiversity (psychology n.): emotional diversity; predictor of mental and physical health "independent" of mean hedonic tone. Very suspicious construct (since it could rationalise suffering), though the idea makes some sense (people habituate to feelings). Study was pretty big, n=37,000.

  • blathernode (fictional n.): IRC channel; chatroom. Peter Watts' coinage.

  • whalefall (marine biology n.): the sinking of a whale carcass into the deep, spurring a rapid explosion in scavenger activity; windfall, unexpected rare payoff.

  • metamer (physics n.): 1) compound with the same number and type of atoms as others, but with a different distribution of radicals. 2) color that appears identical to another color but which has a different spectral composition.

  • to volkswagen (AI v.): to build deception of inspectors into your system.

  • rubbish class (ML n.): the null answer from a classifer; "this doesn't look like anything". Unfortunately most classifiers do not have rubbish class as an output, so they classify it anyway

  • turnt (AA adj.): highly excited; loose; crunk.

  • rubbish-class (): a picture of random noise, which get classified as some class by a network.

  • New Adult fiction (publishing n.): Young Adult fiction for just adults. Adding "Adult" to a genre means "cheap", or "childish". (While children are never childish.)

  • to be skunked (linguistics v.): ruined; enfouled. When a word undergoes a dramatic change and so becomes ambiguous and distracting during the interim.

  • inbetweening (art v., n.): filling in the frames between two static storyboard images. See also tweening for the automation of this process, which technology, by cutting the drudgery by a factor of 10, tempts me to learn animation.

  • Wet-bulb temp (ecology n.): the lowest temperature attainable in an environment through the evaporation of water only; the temperature at 100% relative humidity.