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notable Point Nemo neuroevolution

  • Point Nemo (geography proper n.): the oceanic pole of inaccessibility; the furthest point from any land.

  • britbong (Irish pej. n.): Slur for 'British person'; a subreddit doing their bally best to be racist (but it is really hard when you have to invent all the stereotypes on your own).

  • jackeen (Irish pej. n.): "a self-assertive worthless fellow"; a Dubliner.

  • West Brit (Irish pej n.): Irish person perceived as being too British, liking Britain too much. See also oreo, apple, banana, pom, coconut.

  • culchie (Irish pej n.): hick; teuchter; bogan; yokel.

  • blerd (n.): black nerd.

  • data leakage (ML n.): letting knowledge of the test set inform the training process. See also contamination

  • triboelectric (physics n.): frictionally electrifying. e.g. clothes static.

  • data hygienist (new new economy n.): hypothetical future profession, scanning training data for socially unacceptable content to prevent future Tays or Alisas. See also data janitor, worldview trainer, explainability strategist, automation ethicist.

  • neuroevolution (ML n.): using evolutionary algorithms to optimise or design a neural network.

  • Boulware state (theoretical n.): conceivable vacuum state in which black holes don't evaporate. Hag-ridden by infinities; energy of Boulware quantum effects at the 'hole horizon is infinite.

  • ghost population (genomic anthropology n.): group of people whose existence we have to infer using genomic stats (not fossils or direct DNA decoding). Implicitly sad, even if you don't count mooted genocides like that of the proto-Khoisan.

  • literature pollution (science publishing n.): salami-slicing or rehashing papers; prank papers; p-hacking, HARKing, and data fumes. Things that reduce trust or signal:noise ratio of a field.

  • supremum (set theory n.): unique maximum; least upper bound.

  • limit superior (set theory n.): a supremum tending to infinity.

  • values handshake (theoretical AI n.): proposed form of trade between superintelligences with divergent goals: rather than make war they could just model the situation and merge the objective functions in proportion to their win probability. Superrational in the technical sense. Coined by Scott Alexander.

  • passel (US n.): bunch, bundle, parcel in a Boston accent.

  • blasting rope (internet v.): ejaculation

  • nasal demons (programming n.): undefined behavior; comp.std.c for allowing the compiler to what it wants, even "make demons fly out of your nose".

  • real-life phase (US therapist n.): Living as your identified gender pre-op. (Violently opposed by some, as all gender terminology must be, who resent the unintended connotation of "phase".)