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notable memoji schneid

  • monkeysphere (comic n.): a unit of 150 humans. After Dunbar's number, a hypothesised upper limit of meaningful relationships.

  • white monkey (ex-pat pej. n.): Caucasian employed in China for nonproductive, status reasons: e.g. to wear a suit and sit around an office looking exportsy; to pretend to play live music, to sit in cool bars (...)

  • therapeutic index (medical n.): the lethal dose divided by the effective dose. For opioids it's only about 6:1, hence the trouble.

  • spoonie (internet n.): someone with a chronic illness. From not having enough spoons (energy, mental health) to deal with something.

  • chiller (US n.): notably cool person.

  • azn (US slang adj.): Asian. Particularly online, or in Asian-American punk or hiphop.

  • Dymaxion (BS proper n.): Buckminster Fuller's buzzword for his style / metier: DYnamic, MAXimum, and tensION. Actually a really good choice, because it's goofy, neologistic, impractical:

  • state capacity (econ n.): measure of ability to collect taxes, enforce law, and provide public goods. Made up of legal capacity (actually being in charge throughout territory) and fiscal capacity (garnering enough revenue to implement its policies). Conceived as distinct from the size or scope of a state. (e.g. C19th Britain had a small state (only 12% of GDP, less than any country on Earth today) which stayed out of many things (vide child labour, higher education, science, even pensions) but is still a good example of high capacity).

  • alternative investment (finance n.): assets other than stocks, bonds, cash. e.g. gold, wine, art, antiques, distressed securities, carbon credits, film production, cryptocurrencies.

  • fiscal space (econ n.): breathing room in public finances. One definition is (upper limit possible public debt - actual public debt).

  • employment polarisation (economics n.): increase in job skill inequality ("i.e. the increase in employment shares both at the bottom and at the top of the skill distribution, combined with a decline in the middle ") More shit jobs and more funcy jobs.

  • vig (US street n.): weekly interest payment to a loan shark

  • Forrelation problem (theoretical computer science): given black-box access to two Boolean functions f,g: are f and g random and independent, or are they random individually but with each one close to the Boolean Fourier transform of the other one?

  • schneid (US / Yiddish n.): losing streak; from schneider, tailor: to prevent an opponent from scoring any points; 'if you were "schneidered" in gin you were "cut" (as if by a tailor) from contention in the game'.

  • mosaic novel (internet n.): fiction with a different style, narrator or setting every chapter. Cloud Atlas comes to mind.

  • xeriscape (horticulture n.): dryscape; low-irrigation garden.`

  • FOB (US adj.): Two maritime meanings, confusingly: 1) fresh off the boat (pej adj.): of an unacculturated immigrant. I've seen it used nonpejoratively. and 2) free on board : situation where the buyer doesn't pay the shipping.

  • to thirst-follow (internet v.): to add someone on social media because they are physically attractive.

  • MGTOW (internet proper n.): 'men going their own way'; straight male separatism! Not antisex, maybe, but anti-relationship and anti-marriage. Named for a particular forum. See also blackpill.

  • roastie (internet slur n.): woman with ugly genitals. Don't get it.

  • Conditional Cis Privilege (internet n.): passing privilege; "if people read me as cisgender, they will extend cis privilege to me, but it is conditional on them not finding out that I am actually transgender."

  • Memoji (internet n.): Apple's animated emoji with real-time face-tracking. Avatar.