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notable wambs for goose's bridles

on road, on the roads (London slang adj.): involved in petty crime; in the Game.
pagan (London slang adj.): Enemy.
Osman warning (UK law n.): letter informing someone they are at high risk of murder, issued by British police; the black spot.
creps (London n.): cool trainers. He skulked, like his creps was made out of lead. His skin, normally like polished bronze, was drained flat, as if he'd been bleached. When I smiled and said hello to him, Husayn looked at me from fifty miles away.
multimessenger (astronomy adj.): other things than EM to get info about the universe (at the moment we're trying neutrinos, cosmic rays, and grav waves). (Rays are particles, not waves.)
wamb (internet sociology n.): the opposite of a nerd; an unusually intuitive, extroverted, impulsive, lookist person. Currently this is thought to be "normal person", but if the empathising-systematising trade-off is at all right, then in fact normality is in the middle of two extremes. I …

notable non-monotonic condonation

Exponential Age (history n.): the modern age. Refers to this under-reported phenomenon: Coined by Ada Palmer.
syndromic surveillance (tech/medicine n.): predictive diagnosis; pre-appointment warning. Oversight of populations using health data before diagnosis to signal a sufficient probability of a case or outbreak
feedback weaponization (internet): spamming the "Report Abuse" function (for instance) in order to disrupt a community.
shadow biosphere (speculative biology n.): an extensive unseen system of life on earth, based on non-carbon or non-nucleic acids. The thought is that almost all microbe probing is done by reference to standard biochemistry, and that there could thus be a lot of biological activity going undetected.
orthoprax (religious adj.): of correct conduct. (orthodoxy emphasizes correct belief).
bleisure (corporatese n.): business leisure. Free time stolen between conference sessions, meetings, . Probably quite sign…