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notable wambs for goose's bridles

  • on road, on the roads (London slang adj.): involved in petty crime; in the Game.

  • pagan (London slang adj.): Enemy.

  • Osman warning (UK law n.): letter informing someone they are at high risk of murder, issued by British police; the black spot.

  • creps (London n.): cool trainers.
    He skulked, like his creps was made out of lead. His skin, normally like polished bronze, was drained flat, as if he'd been bleached. When I smiled and said hello to him, Husayn looked at me from fifty miles away.

  • multimessenger (astronomy adj.): other things than EM to get info about the universe (at the moment we're trying neutrinos, cosmic rays, and grav waves). (Rays are particles, not waves.)

  • wamb (internet sociology n.): the opposite of a nerd; an unusually intuitive, extroverted, impulsive, lookist person. Currently this is thought to be "normal person", but if the empathising-systematising trade-off is at all right, then in fact normality is in the middle of two extremes.
    I couldn’t find any articles on the theme “how to deal with non-nerds in the workplace”, despite googling ferociously for several minutes.
    Why is that? There’s a simple explanation: nerds aren’t the norm, so unless the topic in question itself is nerdy
    (and “interacting with people” is not such a topic) what you read won’t be from a nerdy perspective.

  • superinfection (medical n.): an infection immediately after or on top of an earlier infection, especially following broad-spectrum antibiotics.

  • drink a cup of concrete (injunction n.): harden up! Man up!

  • a wigwam for goose's bridles (arch. n.): nonsensical knicknacks; or (injunction) "mind your own business"

  • long-underwear guy (US arch. n.): the original industry term for a superhero character. Very helpful for dealing with the Marvel deluge.

  • boots 'n cats (music n.): the basic rock drumbeat: say it repeatedly.

  • consol (finance n.): consolidated stock. Pre-C20th debt refinancing for government.

  • frog (self-help n.): an unpleasant task put off repeatedly. From this.

  • MOGAI (internet adj.): Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments and Intersex. A subset of queerdom that gets to call e.g. (cis, sexually active) lesbians privileged.

  • acecourse (internet n.): asexual discourse?

  • sus law (arch. UK n.): stop and search powers for police from 1824 until 1981. Their use in racial profiling in the 70s reached a peak but also met popular outrage and activism and repeal. From "suspected person

  • Horny On Main (internet adj.): posting or liking sexually charged posts on one's main account on social media.

  • Grade Forgiveness (US n.): retaking a course and earning a replacement grade. A large part of grade inflation, which phenomenon makes the horrendous illiberty of school progressively useless even for signalling.

  • chucklefuck (US n.): A bumbling, inept person; a chaotic situation.

  • salt life (internet n.): the boast/identity of a coastal person; of beach bums. Very wamb.

  • crybully (internet n.): person who uses accusations of abuse as an abuse tactic. I wish we could dismiss this as concern trolling but it's real. This is the world we built.

  • single-bed mentality (internet n.): 1000/1-didn't-happen-patter, maw still pays the wifi, cleans their room an cooks them nuggets an chips for dinner. Get angry at cunts doin well. Boast about never havin read a book. Calls guys gay for wearin anythin fashionable. Bitter.

  • lpa; lakhs per annum (Hinglish n.): multiples of 100,000 rupees a year. A graduate in a good job can expect 4.5 lpa (£5000).

  • mwi (Scottish internet adj.): mad wi’ it; oot ma nut; wasted; (arch.) uncou' fou.

  • conscious uncoupling (New Age n.): a breakup which demands a positive attitude to itself. "Arguing that Hollywood and advice from friends and family have taught us that separations should be painful, destructive experiences, she instead claims that breakups should be seen as an opportunity to turn the emotional pain of a breakup into "a catalyst for making a breakthrough in the way you show up in your life… and in your next relationship". Could be useful revaluation but seeing who's earning off it makes me wonder.

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